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I was at Walmart yesterday. I'm in to Novi Stars and Bratzillaz so I was looking at them after the Monster High section had nothing. While I was admiring Sila Clops and Switch a Witch my mom said 'Well they stole that one.' She held up an empty box. Scaris Deuce was supposed to be in there. No inner box either just the shell.

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I once saw a skull shores gil box replaced with a ghoulia -_- And I STILL never found my gil to this day! I saw the little icon, and was so excited, then I picked it out, and it was a basically destroyed SS ghoulia. Makes me upset, Still -_-

wow.. everyone's stories are so horrible. People are just desperate I guess. But still that's horrible :/

One day, at a Walmart, I saw a PD Cleo with no doll inside.  They left everything in the box, but took the doll out and put her back on the shelf. 

And just a couple of weeks ago, I saw something even more disgusting at Target; someone had bought RM Clawdeen and, without taking her off the insert, redressed her in GB Draculaura's swimsuit, stole the skates and replaced them with GB Draculaura's shoes, and returned her.  Then there was the Wonder Wolf box that had a SO Frankie inside.  Really, people?

At the store I work at somebody ripped open an Abbey doll and stole her little pet mammoth. Of course we had to send it to the damage section, which is sad cause our store is usually REALLY behind on getting new MH dolls (For example we only just got Picture Day dolls in and they've been out for a while), and we only seem to get one basic Abbey at a time. 

Today I was at another Walmart. It's not Monster High but I saw a Lalaloopsy car with the doll taken!

I've seen dolls with pets missing a few times now and twice I've seen My Little Pony playsets with a pony missing

And I thought scalpers were the worst! Do you think people steal them to sell?

That's better than Repackers. I collect GI Joe. People will carefully open the blister to take out what they want, then replace it with a figure (sometimes 5-10 years older or from a cheep line) and return them to the store. The store then puts the item back on the peg for sale because they don't know it's not the right figure. Last week I saw 3 figures from the new movie line that were repacked. 


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