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I have found Draculaura and Clawdeen but has anyone spotted Jackson or the recharge station yet? If so, where are you seeing them?

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as far I I know no body has the Recharge station anywhere, and for Jackson you just have to get there on a new shipment day.

Jackson is one to a case. I found mine in the SW Burbs of Chicago. No Recharge Station yet.

I got Jackson in New Jersey.
Thank you guys. I am in SC. We usually get things last. Real happy to hear he was found on the east coast though.

 NO sign of anything yet!!!!!!! D:

Your post yesterday in another thread sent me scrambling to TRU this morning to find my own ILF Wydowna, so I owe you one- check the Walmart at S. Santa Fe and I-240. I popped in there on my way to TRU to see if they had the deluxe Inner Monster doll because that's where I found the mood packs. They don't have it yet, but I did see what is probably the same complete case of Save Frankie that I saw on Wednesday. I'm skipping them for now because I'm already drowning in dolls at the moment.
ozzykitten said:

 NO sign of anything yet!!!!!!! D:

Thank you everyone. I found him!!!
I got one in Walmart a week ago. It was the only time I saw him there. Draculaura and Clawdeen are still there.

What stores have Jackson been poping up at? Funny Thing is I live in the hometown of walmart, our store number is 00001, I swear! and we always have things last, I just found my Mo a week ago.


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