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this was posted on several days ago i keep saying its a 

very good custom but i doubt its real anyone else agree its a custom?

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Her name kinda sounds like "Sassy Crotch" to me.

BWA HAHAHHAHAHA! That's hilarious. Lol

Someone on Deviant Art made her

Is She real I so want her!  She is so cool!

She's really cute, and I love the thought of a sasquash character, but it doesn't look real to me. Certain physical features look off to me, though that could be because it may be a prototype.

If you had just read the thread you would know she is an original character, not an official MH character.

I believe it`s a custom OC, as others have said she looks like a mix of Abbey Clawdeen and Howleen.

I could be totally wrong but the drawing looks like traditional media, and the writing of the name looks like a writing style.

 and with the name it might be a digital media and I have horrible eye site. [ Just throwing random things out there]

She is super cute, I think Mattel should make a Big Foot daughter or son, perhaps male and female siblings.

This can't be real, but I wish it was, it's not real because on the side next to daughter of Bigfoot, there is a <3, Mattel would never put something like that on a pic of a new character, so it's an OC, but I wish it was real!


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