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I need to clear some shelf space so it's time to part with a few of my girls.  All dolls come from an adult collector.  They're coming from a house with smoking and pets.  Only shipping within the U.S.!

I haven't done a whole lot of selling here, but here's my eBay feedback.

Sorry about the poor pictures!  My camera was not cooperating.  I can take more pictures on request.

I don't live by a post office, so I'm going to take as many orders from this post as possible and try to ship all at once, likely on Thursday or next week.


Ghouls Rule Cleo (with mask, trick or treat bucket, punch bowl, ladle, cup, NO STAND) - $15 shipped

We Are Monster High Cleo (her left arm seems warped, it won't sit flat on her side, NO STAND) - $10 shipped

We Are Monster High Lagoona (NO STAND) - $13 shipped 

Bratzillaz Meyganna and Jade J'Adore (includes all accessories and stands)

(Jade's legs are a little warped, but she came packaged like that) - $16 shipped, each


Bee Girl (includes dress, NO HANDS, SHOES, WINGS, GLASSES, WIG, OR STAND) - $10 shipped

Ice Girl (includes wig and dress, NO STAND OR SHOES) - $10 shipped

Day at the Maul Frankie clothes - Dress, vest, leggings, earrings - $7 shipped

Operetta Fashion Pack - Sunglasses, shirt, skirt, belt, purse, shoes SOLD

CAM Sea Monster clothes - Shirt, skirt - $4 shipped

Roller Maze Lagoona clothes - Helmet, dress, knee pads, fins - $5 shipped

CAM Vampire clothes - Shirt, skirt - $4 shipped

CAM Dragon clothes - Shirt, skirt - $4 shipped

2 CAM Werewolf sets - Top, dress, shoes, ears - $5 shipped each

5 black brushes, 2 yellow - add on a brush to any order for a $1

MONSTER HIGH DIE-NER - $18 shipped

Might be missing a few tiny pieces; I managed to find two more not pictured here, but it includes mostly everything.

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Updated!  Fearleading Cleo and Dead Tired Cleo are sold!

I recived my shipment perfectly. And reiewd. (Please review me as well.) Thank you. ♥


Do u still have the dinner

Yes, the die-ner is still available! 

Gigi said:

Do u still have the dinner


Have you sold the WAMH Lagoona yet?

Nope, she's still available!

Draculad said:

Have you sold the WAMH Lagoona yet?


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