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Moving Soon - Prices are negotiable.  Please contact me with offers.  I am willing to debox items to save on shipping.

Check my profile for feedback - also have feedback on eBay:

I only accept payment through Paypal.

I only ship within the United States and Canada (sorry, I've had several issues with international shipping). 

Please contact me with list of what you're interested in and your zip code and I will let you know  what the shipping cost will be. 

Closer pictures available on request.

Abbey - $10

Jinafire - $20

Catty - $20

Werecats Fearleading - $45

Heath/Abbey - $25

Dot Dead 3 pack - $50

Ghoulia - $20

Fashion Pack - $10

Spectra - $10

I love shoes Cleo - $15

Dance Class Operetta - $10

Loose Dolls on Backing as shown - $10 each

Skull Shores Cleo - Sold

13 Wishes Cleo - Sold

Scaris Ghoulia - Sold

Loose dolls as shown - $10

Loose Dolls as shown $10 each

Cleo has been sold

Create a monster with tattoos as shown - $10

wig - $3

All other items $1

Oasis with trees, bow table and drinks

Clothes - $3 each

$5 each

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Thank you, 

For shipping to your location:

Priority mail 3-day:  $6.00

First class mail: $3.50

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I would take the first class mail at 3.50. That makes it 13.50 for the doll, correct?

My paypal is if you'd like to send me the amount. 

For the ghoul's night out loose on cardboard backing Ghoulia. 

$13.50 is correct.  I sent the request through paypal.  

And paid for~

Thank you.  I should have her in the mail for you today or tomorrow and I will send you the tracking number as soon as I have it.  :D

Cleo has been sent and I sent you the tracking number in a friend request.  Please let me know if you have any issues.  Thank you. 

I apologize but I could not access this website for a few days to catch your mistake. I ordered the ghouls night out Ghoulia, not cleo. I recieved cleo today and will send her back to you. If you could please send out the correct Ghoulia, I would really appreciate it ^^ I understand it was a simple mistake as you have alot of people talking to you about different dolls. 

Please reply back to me when you recieve this as I would like to confirm that the address on the box is the return address where I will send Cleo back to. And also confirm that the correct doll is being sent out to me ^^ 

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you so much!! I had been trying to reach you to warn you about this when I discovered my mistake. I refunded your money and sent the Ghoulia out on Friday at my own cost. If you had to pay any postage to send the Cleo back, please let me know and Iwill take care of it. Again thank you so much for sending cleo back and I hope you enjoy your Ghoulia when she gets there.
Also, the address on the box is the correct return address for the cleo.

Alright then. I apologize again for not being able to catch this before it shipped out but again for some reason I could not access this site.

Cleo has not been touched, she's still in her bubble wrapping. As soon as I noticed I put her back in the box and contacted you. I will pay for the postage as I feel badly that you refunded everything. First thing on monday morning she will be send out and I will have tracking information for you so you can make sure she's getting back to you. (there is no postage on sunday or it'd be gone today.)

I will let you know when I receive ghoulia ^^ and thank you for your understanding and sorry for the problem ^^''' 

I will message you tomorrow with tracking information on cleo~

It was definitely all my fault. I was prepping for 1st family vacation and mixed up the dolls. Thank you so much for your patience and sending Cleo back so quickly.

I just checked on your Ghoulia and it says she is out for delivery today. I hope you like her.

Again, I am so sorry for the mixup and the offer to pay you for the postage for sending Cleo back still stands. Thank you so much for getting her sent out.

is GNO ghoulia still available?

wait nevermind damn it


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