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Selling ... for the bold if you want them all, and all spare items which aren't just MH but also EAH and like one or two MLP things, I'll ship it ALL (with in the USA) to you for $450 (which would take care of this one bill dude June 2nd that I can't afford thanks to the stupid robbery)

Most of them come with a black stands (even ones that didn't)

I'm also selling all the accessories save a few select ones (as well as one set of brush/purse from EAH Raven)


Everything comes from a smoke free home, but I did have a cat. All items are being sold as is and shipping will be a flate rate box unless it's a larger order, rush is extra as I need to make a clear profit off these to fix the money situation from moving.

Prices for doll are pretty set:

Basic Abbey = $30.00
Basic Skelita = $15.00
Basic Draculaura = $30.00
Basic Opperetta = $20.00
Basic Robecca = $25.00
Threaderella = $20.00
Sweet1600 Frankie = $20.00
Ghoul's Rule Frankie = $20.00
Home Ick Frankie = $35.00
Other Frankie = $20.00
Ghoul's Rule Draculaura = $30.00
Sweet1600 Draculaura = $20.00
Music Fest Abbey = $20.00
Dead Tired Abbey = $10.00
Sister Pack Clawdeen = $10.00
Polterghoul = $20.00

Meowlody = $20

Purrsephone = $20

Brushes are $1.00 a piece or the whole lot for $20
(unless you want them with a doll, in which it's

Suitcases are $2 a piece
Diaries are $2 a piece
Pets are $3 a piece
Clothes are $2 a piece
Anything else is $1 a piece (except that cauldron
thing and the cake which are $2

anything else or rush shipping has to be discussed

Shipping for 1 - 3 dolls runs $6.00, which includes $50 insurance and tracking.

Must use Paypal.


Oppretta, Draculaura,Howleen, and Spectra's pets, and science Lagoona's extra outfit both top and pants, Howleens' dairy, Ghoulia's casette purse, both lockers, Phys Dead Ghoulia, Scaris Frankie and her suitcase, Basic Venus her Diary and her pet

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How much for ghoulia

just her or all her items as well?

Gigi said:

How much for ghoulia

How much for Operetta, Abbey, and Robecca? :)

Just her she can even be nude

How much for Cupid?

I'm interested in basic abbey's clothes only and gr draculaura the full doll (: also operettas guitar. how much would those be?

Hi what do you want for Toralei, draculuras and ware cat sisters? :)

Sent a FR last night..nothing back yet. I'm interested in cupid and home ick frankie

Probably because I'm a human.... and I have to sleep as I also have a full time job outside this site....

Learn patience it's 7:54am and I just woke up. Also you do not need to send a FR to discuss this right now.

desiree.lari said:

Sent a FR last night..nothing back yet. I'm interested in cupid and home ick frankie

Ok due to overwhelming messages both on here and on tumblr, I've compiled a list of prices.

They're a little high, but I based the prices around condition, age of dolls, and other factors. (my prices were compiled via ebay prices really, not bids but buy it now, tried for something between lowest and highest for out of box items.)

Doll with stand prices are a set price, but the extras are haggleable.

So check the main post for the pricing then make another ask again.

see main post, prices were just placed.
Luna said:

Hi what do you want for Toralei, draculuras and ware cat sisters? :)

please see main post for prices

SymphonicEnkelli said:

How much for Cupid?


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