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I'm taking this with a grain of salt right now while still holding a little flame of hope for the 2 pack and Hoodude.   Anyone know if this website has any validity or has anyone heard these rumors elsewhere?

Someone recently posted this to Facebook.

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Those 'rumors' are based on a made-up list that was circulating before SDCC last year that was pretty much completely debunked, with Manny and Iris tossed in.  Zero credibility.

That's what I was afraid of; I was hoping with Manny & Iris on there and the recent discussions on many wanting a Hoodude doll with his apparent large involvement in FCA that meant it had some validity.  The website itself though doesn't seem to be very well set up.   >_>  

Edit:  Thanks, maybe if enough 'rumors' keep popping up Mattel will go 'hey, a 2 pack WOULD be pretty awesome' one can hope :)

I think there is a fair chance hoodude may get one of those plushies though :) 

About darn time with Bram and Gory. They should have already made SEVERAL multi-packs of the werewolf and vampire Backgrounders by now >:^(

I will say I would love to have any of the current ghouls on Monster High the web series to get a doll, including Gory and Bram who are at least known as back story or secondary characters.  I did say Manny Taur would get a doll but I can't say why I just knew it from conversations between collectors and sellers and that is all I can say and it was still luck it happened but I thought it would.  He still may have been an exclusive to the con, I still don't know for sure.

Anything is possible if the people want it, go to the Monster High facebook page and request, start an online petition, it's up to collectors like me and you to make sure the people at Mattel, who are in charge of Monster High merchandise know we want these as dolls.  


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