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EAH official facebook page just posted these hints along with the tag: "What if one our favorite student decided to follow in her father’s footsteps instead of her mother’s?"
the details are not her legacy day doll and she's not supposed to come in the thronecoming line (unless they make a store exclusive of her) so people are starting the rumor that she might be the SDCC exclusive... which would make sence since it would follow the Mattel patterns of making the exclusive an alternate version of an already existing character with some "unsuitable to retail" feature (as wydowna, scarah and iris were)
so i'm probably gonna point that she will have the long waited wolf ears, since she's following her fathers steps
what is your opinion?

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I wonder if this means Cerise will be like Kitty with headbands wit ears instead of real wolf or cat ears

HoneyMonster said:

I don't think she will have wolf ears either, when you think about it the wolf head dress would sit flat on her head. Also the ears I think would make it too MH, whereas the wolf head dress is much more EAH. I want this doll so much, sigh :(

Story from the inside box!!!

at the end of it all it's all just a dream

I would have liked it if they had instead done it as an alternate reality, where Instead of being the Daughter of Red Ridding hood, she choose to be the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf.  That being said, I love this doll!!

calebtobey said:

Story from the inside box!!!

at the end of it all it's all just a dream

Ugh this is the only EAH doll I've seen that I feel like I absolutely need! Someone take me to comic con!

I need to find someone to beg on here to buy one for me to buy from them o.o


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