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EAH official facebook page just posted these hints along with the tag: "What if one our favorite student decided to follow in her father’s footsteps instead of her mother’s?"
the details are not her legacy day doll and she's not supposed to come in the thronecoming line (unless they make a store exclusive of her) so people are starting the rumor that she might be the SDCC exclusive... which would make sence since it would follow the Mattel patterns of making the exclusive an alternate version of an already existing character with some "unsuitable to retail" feature (as wydowna, scarah and iris were)
so i'm probably gonna point that she will have the long waited wolf ears, since she's following her fathers steps
what is your opinion?

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i mean look at the furry cape it totally screams wolf

Now this is interesting! Those shoes look awesome. It's interesting that Cerise would be first for an exclusive, I would have guessed Apple or Raven as a first if any.

Didn't think of that, you have a point, a princessy Apple wouldn't quite fit in xD 

Triumvirate said:

This is very interesting, I agree! To do an SDCC version of an Ever After High character of course they'd want to do one that fits in with the environment of SDCC. A what-if fractured fairy tale Werewolf Cerise Hood would be perfect for that.

SDCC is completely confirmed at this point.

Give me wolf ears and feral yellow eyes!


I think this is great! This is exactly how I wish they'd do the Monster High SDCC- an existing character with a really cool design and story line. Anyway, I'm really excited for an EAH exclusive. Can't wait to see the whole reveal :D

What's the actual interest level  for an EAH SDCC exclusive? I know I really want one but I was just wondering how many of you are actually going to get one? Or at least make the attempt to get one?

WOW what a plot twist!

This will look amazing.

I am gonna try here. I LOVE the idea! :3

Wait is that her hair in the second picture? Nice job Cerise can't wait to see her face and WOLF EARS!!!

Remember that Cerise Wolf trademark? Seems like they've been planning this for a while. The thing that really sells it to me is the color change from silver to gold details. They are always so careful not to put silver on any of the Wolf siblings, and yet Cerise is usually covered in it. But look here at her belt, her bag, the buckles on her boots.

As for level of interest- I don't know. There's a faction of EAH fans that don't care for MH, but the overlap is still significant. Cerise is also a very popular character. I think she'll be a draw. I, for one, am planning on getting her along with Manny and Iris.

 This is amazing! I really like where they are going with her storyline. I'm curious though on why she wants to follow in her father's footsteps. Cerise doesn't seem like the type of person who will follow a torment a little girl or boy and later eat their grandma. 


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