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i was trying to figure out what color to die/ wig/ re-root my Meowlody's boring white hair and so, for the sake of variety, i decided to try and count up which were the most and least common hair colors in rooted MH dolls.  i didn't count the wigged CaMs because they can use any color wig, or non-MH wigs. i did include 2 guys that i think may probably be dolls later.

then i thought this list might be useful to others...

also maybe i forgot some characters?  please let me know!

(see attachment ~ use if you wish, ignore if you wish)

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 Thanks I wanted to know this! :) 

oh, glad it could be useful.  i also made a vinyl colors list but it is incomplete because i couldn't remember the names of some of the new CaM packs.

Nira Bominable said:

 Thanks I wanted to know this! :) 


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