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Hi guys, check this out:

March 30th?

Tell me what you think.


Even the Velvet pages?

Ok I've edited this like five times so I am just going to show you his page:

Fashion book?


Create a Monster carrier?

I'm quite suprised they haven't got the coffin bean playset.

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The Roller Maze is just a presale. I don't think they're actually out yet.

They say in the description that they are expecting they at the 30th of March.

They say they are expecting them the 30th (yesterday lol), but just because someone expects it, doesn't make it so.
I haven't been in this hobby very long yet, but it seems like Mattel has a habit of releasing dolls earlier than the date they originally set. So it could be these dolls are coming out this month.
But we'll just have to wait and see.

The "velvet pages" are available at Walmart.  Here's the link:


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