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A friend on LJ got Rochelle early and posted scans of her diary. I don't want to poach her pics, as I don't know how she feels about re-posting scans she made, but I did transcribe the whole diary for the MH wiki and you guys can read it here. :D

Quick summary of the highlights:

Rochelle has a huge crush on Deuce. Since she's made of stone, she's unaffected by his petrifying gaze, and Deuce seems impressed and pleased by that. 

Rochelle has an overprotective side, and tries to protect Ghoulia so much that Ghoulia has to tell her to back off. 

Mention of the Roller Maze AND Robecca! Robecca and Rochelle are skating together and get pranked by Toralei--they wind up bonding over this. Robecca later tells Rochelle that she should give up on Deuce. 

Overall, good stuff in there. :3 Rochelle has won me over, she's got a very cute, nurturing personality. 

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A little scared of her crush on Deuce, mostly because I think Cleo'd be crushed if he left her, esepcially since she broke down over her sister already. . .I'm excited about Robecca though! And Rochelle seems pretty cute, but I personally dislike how her diary is written. It may just be me. xD


Somebody else who reads Discworld? I looooove this forum!!!!

Ru said:

Does Mr. D'eath remind anyone else of... well... a certain other Grim Reaper who's very fond of cats? I'm not saying it IS a Discworld reference, but that is kind of specific. And it'd be cute if it were a nod to everyone's favorite anthropomorphic personification. :3


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