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Robecca Steam, detail pictures 'review' extremely picture heavy

I got a Robecca today  yesterday and decided to take picture of some of her details.

She is extremely detailed. These are my photos, and I added my watermark this time, so please, do not take them.

Gear eyes.

Her earrings, different on each side.

Including clocks, gears, and mechanical items.

Her goggles, one side has a different design/texture.

On the same side there`s an antenna, these work as a headband.

The lower half of her tops is like leather, the top is a softer fabric.

Her skirt is similar to her lower half top with no design.

Her skirt cage looks like it has flowers on it, but I`m

positive they are gears.

Her bracelet/watch has a yellow clock on it, saying 8:00.

It has a lot of gears and boltz all around it. [including other things]

Her legs have gears on the back that actually spin.

Her purse is a clock, with numbers and a skullette in the middle.

It appears to have a tip to an oil can out of the side.

The purse does open.

It also has a piece that dangles below. [ Forgot to photograph]

And here is her pet, Captain Penny.

The penguin has goggles, and a jet pack.

Anything you want me to photograph? Let me know and i`ll be glad to post pictures.

Thanks for looking, I`ll be putting this into a Youtube Video someday.

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thx for the pics!

Sure thing! (:
I like her. I'm thinking of getting her later this week. They've done pretty well with the design. I'm also planning on getting Venus. It looks like they put a lot of thought into the detail work with Robecca, great photos. I'm definitely sure I want her after seeing your pics. Thanks haha


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