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Reshaping Ever After High doll heads, what do you think?

I figure this belongs here rather than the modification forums since it's EAH dolls rather than MH?

I know a lot of people feel like me about Ever After High doll head sculpts. The roundness drives me insane! But I dearly love so many of the outfits and accessories designed for these girls so I have a number of them. I've always been big into modding so I thought I'd try out a few things.

Later on I plan on trying out shrinking the heads with acetone as well, but I'm still waiting on supplies to arrive for that. Anybody else feel the heads are not only poorly shaped, but also too large?

For now, since I couldn't wait, I decided to try face resculpting on an extra doll I picked up on ebay. The vinyl is thick enough that there was a little room to work with to sculpt an actual jawline and carve the cheeks out a bit. Carved under the chin a bit as well, but you can only see that from the profile which I didn't take a pic of yet. First I used a dremel to take off the large chunks, then used a medium grade sanding sponge to smooth out the grooves and scratches, then super fine to buff it to a finish. I haven't removed the factory face paint, so there's still a line on the cheeks where the blush meets the sanding area, but that'll look better once I clean and repaint.

Personally I like this better and think I may do this on all my EA girls. Hoping shrinking will work well for them and it's probably best to shrink, THEN sculpt, but this head will test things the other way around. I'll keep you all posted.

What do you think?

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Yep! Sure thing. I plan on sharing pictures asap. I've only done one shrinking session on the face one so far. Soaked her for 24 hours and she has to dry for more than 24 hours, then I'll soak her for another 24. The diluted ones take a lot longer to dry out than the 100% acetone ones do. Going to try another one at two 48 hour sessions. I'm waiting for some more bottles so I can do more experiments at once.

I imagine you in a basement lab somewhere, wearing big goggles and laughing maniacally! Thanks for documenting your experiments!

Well, it's in the bathroom instead of the basement, but I do rub my hands together while creepily whispering "Yes, yeeesssss, shrink my pretties, shrink! Muahahahaha!"


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