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Reshaping Ever After High doll heads, what do you think?

I figure this belongs here rather than the modification forums since it's EAH dolls rather than MH?

I know a lot of people feel like me about Ever After High doll head sculpts. The roundness drives me insane! But I dearly love so many of the outfits and accessories designed for these girls so I have a number of them. I've always been big into modding so I thought I'd try out a few things.

Later on I plan on trying out shrinking the heads with acetone as well, but I'm still waiting on supplies to arrive for that. Anybody else feel the heads are not only poorly shaped, but also too large?

For now, since I couldn't wait, I decided to try face resculpting on an extra doll I picked up on ebay. The vinyl is thick enough that there was a little room to work with to sculpt an actual jawline and carve the cheeks out a bit. Carved under the chin a bit as well, but you can only see that from the profile which I didn't take a pic of yet. First I used a dremel to take off the large chunks, then used a medium grade sanding sponge to smooth out the grooves and scratches, then super fine to buff it to a finish. I haven't removed the factory face paint, so there's still a line on the cheeks where the blush meets the sanding area, but that'll look better once I clean and repaint.

Personally I like this better and think I may do this on all my EA girls. Hoping shrinking will work well for them and it's probably best to shrink, THEN sculpt, but this head will test things the other way around. I'll keep you all posted.

What do you think?

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I like what you did here, I prefer your modded version over the official one.

I'm not into EAH, but if their heads were more defined etc. I'd probably have a few of them.

I like what you did for yours, but for me it's more of a cool look for a custom. I personally love the full face on the EAH girls. It's true to their webisodes and I think it's cute and youthful.

Oh gosh that's just brilliant!

Thanks for the input all! I'd love to see others try the same. Really hoping this goes well with the head shrinking *fingers crossed*

Actually the cartoon girls' faces are a bit more oval and less round plus they actually have a slight point to their chins instead of being completely round. I really WISH the dolls looked more like the toons.

I personally don't mind the round faces and I think they're cute but what you've done is awesome! I'd never be brave enough to attempt anything like that. The shrinking sounds interesting and I'd love to see the results if you do try that. ^^

I love what you've done! It looks much better than the original. I'd definitely buy more EAH if their faces were more like your modded one. 

Thanks, to those of you who like the trial ^_^  I'm going to redo the original post once I resculpt one of these shrunken heads.

omg so ok, I've learned some very very important things lol.

When shrinking heads with acetone, lesson 1: Make sure you use a jar large enough to accommodate the head expansion! When you soak the head, it will expand a LOT, like twice it's original size. I originally tried using 8 oz canning jars because I thought that would leave enough room, but it wasn't nearly... so when the heads expanded, they were all smooshed up against the sides of the jar. This caused the vinyl to crack in all the thinnest spots, so the 3 heads I experimented with in the 8 oz jars were a total loss.

I'm pretty sure that the heads would not have cracked if the jars had been large enough, even if I had done sculpting modifications before soaking. Might experiment with that later simply for the sake of science.

However, my 2nd batch using 16oz jars (3.5" x 3.5") (from here: were just the perfect size and both heads expanded and shrank nicely and successfully. I thought that Maddie and Cupid had the same head sculpt... so I'm not sure if the difference is the shrinkage and shaping is solely because of the one lower-face-only dunk that I did on cupid to see if I could reshape her with that method was the only factor that made the size difference or not. Whatever the reason, Maddie came out more of a lovely oval shape while Cupid stayed round. So now I have a successfully shrunken Cupid, but she is not reshaped like the broken one was. I'll be working on that tomorrow I think. I'm theorizing that hardened vinyl may be easier to reshape and sand than soft vinyl, so this could be a good thing.

Important lesson 2: The thin parts of the vinyl will shrink more than the thick parts which could be the other reason Cupid's head didn't shrink the same as Maddie's. I learned this from the Monster High heads that I shrank which I'll show in the customization thread later. The neat thing about this is that it enhances any sculpted features in the faces.

So without further ado, here are the results of what I mentioned above:

Personally I think Maddie's more oval shape here is closer to her cartoon self and once I make her chin point just a little bit she'll be even closer. Cupid however is going to take quite a bit more work to shape.

I have a few broken EAH dolls from ebay coming in the mail, so I'm going to try to get some heads even smaller. Try longer  and more dunks, see what works out best. While this size is pretty nice, I'd like them just a liiiitle bit smaller.

Oh, and the results of using too small of a jar for shrinking... think I could have the beginnings of a good horror dollie here!:

Aaaand reshaping after the shrinking:

I am impressed with these results! Honestly, I never heard of shrinking doll heads before, but this is very interesting. If the EAH heads looked like this, I probably would've had quite a few EAH dolls by now.

I have been going back and forth about getting some when they just got released, but everytime I got to the store and looked at their heads irl, I'm just so turned off by it. If there is ever gonna be a doll I really feel I need in my life, I'm gonna keep this in mind, haha!

i would love to this!
But I don't want to repaint..does what you use to shrink them remove the factory paint?

If you use 100% acetone, yes it will remove the faceup, but if you dilute it with water, about 30% water and 70% acetone, you can maintain the faceup. I'm experimenting with that right now too, but it takes a loooooooot longer, so I can't post any results for a few more days.

Ok well I guess I'll be hunting thrift shops/eBay for practice dolls until then. Let me know how it goes,I'm really interested in this.


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