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Hello Everyone! 

You must have saw my draws before, I'm doing this forum to know who asked me for draws (and also because my comment section is full of requests) So if you want me to draw an OC, post a very clear description (eyes, hairstyle, clothes, shoes, accessories) if you want something you have seen on the net post me the pictures (the more the better) or just tell me that I can design her or him! (yes I can do both).

Remember I have other request and I get busy (I also have other things to do =P) so just be a little bit patient please! >.< I promise that even if it is late I'll do all of them.


Keep checking my page because soon I'll make a contest! ^_^ 

(here is a example of my art in case you were wondering)

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Could you draw Miki Maren? I made her with a doll maker, and think it'd be really cool for you to draw her. :3



Thanks bunches. <3

Could you draw Kelsey Nelson? I'd really love it! This is what she looks like this. Thanks!


Vanessa has blue eyes brown hair & pinkish lips :) thx BTW u draw so good
Vanessa has blue eys brown hair & pinkkish lips thx:) BTW u draw so good :)
Your art is amazing! That's all. XD
I'm done drawing Kat Rina =>. U might not like it =<. I just wanted 2 tell u that I drew ur OC :) Enjoy!!!!!! <3 Vanessa V

  I know you are busy but I wanted to know if you can draw Bailey Potter


1.Black long hair with red streaks

2.Lime green minidress with black stockings and Dark red knee high convers.

3.Any acssecories you want!!

O and maybe a boy you can name him whateva you want and you can draw him howeva ya want just I want skateboarder hair :)  Thanks a bunch :)

Hey, Kat! Could you do Arena and Lacey? Arena looks like this: Lacey looks like this:

HAIR: Short, Dirty blond hair, has a green head band on. Side bangs


CLOTHES: Leather Jacket, Periwinkle Shirt, Plaid skirt with the colors Deep Green and Blue on it. and lastly, Sneakerish Shoes

oh and her skin is light teal! THAT IS ALL! :)

Could You make my OC Serena daughter of the Sirens, could you make to versions of her because when she is wet she has a tail

Top: Creamy colored top with lace trimming

Jacket: Cherry Blossom Pink  Juicy Couture Velour Jacket Half Way Zipped Up

Skirt: plain white skirt just like basic draculaura's but with white threading

Shoes: Pearl Colored Stiletto Heels

Accesories: Pearl Necklace (goes below neck) Gold bangles

Hair: Light Blond with a sidebang, really light baby pink streak running down the side of her hair, and her hair is stick straight

Makeup: a formation of pinks, coral colors, sea shell colors, and others for the makeup use those colors ina way that matches

eyes: light blue

Form number 2

Siren Form

Tail: looks like a mermaid tail, coral pink, the tail goes up to her hips

Sea Shell Bra: you can choose, I just want a nice light color that matches the tail

Hair: Curly, still has sidebanks with a lot of light pink streaks

Accesories : Pearl Necklace

eyes and makeup are the same

look up the colors here if you cant find some of them


Hi, sorry I meant to put seashell earings for the "human" version and starfish earings for the siren version
She is just taking requests for drawings, alot of people do that. Your not the only one

Call Me CAT said:
Um, like are you doing the same thing that I was doing. My profile pic is the orange you know, and it kinda sounds like ur doing the same thing that I am doing. I am sorry if I am wrong, but I started a drawing thing like, a week ago and I already got 2 drawings requested. The second is almost finished. I don't know if ur copying me, or not, but I don't like this.

Heehee, you said I could ask for another one so here I am! ^_^ Ferris is my last OC I want.



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