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Right, so i've been running around for a few days trying to put this puzzle together.

Here in the Uk, there have been no Slo Mo sightings. I don't believe any stores in the US have seen him either.

Anyway, contacting every toy store who had him advertised, they all told me the same thing. "Our supplier didn't deliver"

Mattel UK informed me cases including Slo Mo would be released in April, a good three months after the initial release which is very worrying.

However I then had a chat with Mattel US who actually usually are more clued up on things (Mattel UK are morons, they tried to tell me at one point that Cupid wasn't being shipping in assortments with Draculaura when I had a freaking box of them IN FRONT OF ME)

Anyway, here's my conversation:

Me:  Why do no stores have him and only assortments of the three girls? despite clearly advertising all four characters on the boxes and in shops.
Diana:  Slo Mo is being released this year to the major retailers of Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us.
Me:  Yes, but Ghoul Spirt as a line has HIT major retailers
Me:  he is NOT in the cases.
Me:  why?
Diana:  Just a moment.
Mel:  and is there any word of when he might start to appear?
Diana:  Thank you for waiting.
Me:  No problem
Diana:  Here in the United States, he will be sold under his product number of BGD87 and be released later this spring.
Diana:  The cases of the dolls do not have the Slo Mo figure in it.
Me  So does that mean he'll get his own case or will you just seed him into the cases with the girls?
Diana:  I'm sorry that I do not have any information for the United Kingdom.
Me:  and if so, how is that going to help his scarcity?
Me:  I mean in the US
Me:  The problem is, the boy dolls are very in demand and with 1 per case, they sell out immediately
Diana:  I'm sorry. He is sold in a case of 6 to the major retailers.
Me:  then people resell them on Ebay for crazy inflated prices
Me:  So he's getting his own case?
Me:  JUST of him? No girls?
Diana:  You would need to check to see with the affiliate if the "Slo Mo” Mortavitch is going to be sold there.
Diana:  The case only has 6 of him in it.
Me:  That's amazing news, i'm so relieved to hear it.
Diana:  Can I help you with anything else today?
Me:  thank you for that.

Diana:  Thank you for contacting Mattel. Have a nice day!

So.. mattel US are saying that "in the spring" (March/April time?) we should see cases of just Slo Mo hit stores? If so, YES! But what the hell? Very strange way to do this release, why not include him in the initial run in the first bloody place *sigh*

But good news is, if this is true, we shouldn't have any trouble finding him within the US. Hopefully the UK stores that are having the trouble supplying him to annoyed customers, will also order these cases when the chance arises. Fingers and toes crossed, but I do feel better with a semi official word of single character cases.

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Very interesting, thank you for sharing!

Well the age old "why wasn't slo mo released with the rest of the line" question has been answered many a times , wrong hands , needs to be re-done, takes longer etc. but I am happy to hear he will be released in cases of 6!

But his hands are a stupid cosmetic thing Jools. They didn't delay the release of beach venus/draculaura when their makeup was messed up. Or beach Holt who had no back tattoo. Or Picture Day Operetta who had the wrong mask! They just shipped them anyway.

I know. Sounds too good to really happen. Frankly, if he comes with the clawed hands I wouldn't care. I'd be happy with a Slo Mo, and that means any Slo Mo.

Triumvirate said:

I know April is still a good way off, but honestly April is earlier than I was expecting. I figured if we were lucky we'd see him sometime this Fall or towards the end of the year. And in a case of 6 all by himself? I couldn't be more thrilled if that is true.

At the same time, though, full individual cases of 6 by April? Sounds almost too good to be true, honestly.

I know right? Still,. that's 3 months after the initial release of the line and the Monster High lines don't have a particularly long shelf life in any event. Here in the UK, it's about 6 months give or take, once we get a new Argos catalogue, ALL stores reset and you can forget being able to find that stuff you were hoping to snag on clearance.

So if we take that into account, it means Slo Mo will appear half way through the shelf life of a line. Which is odd but seems more reasonable than appearing toward the reset.

Even so, only time will tell if this really WILL happen. I would love to see full 6 boy cases and I know several retailers would as well, just looking at the facebook walls of toysrus, smyths and argos shows multiple people asking "when will slo mo be in stock?" and similar. The demand is there from what the retailers have said, and i'm sure they'll be relieved to get cases at last but it's quite a wait with disgruntled customers ticked off because you can't produce for sale, an item clearly advertised.

I hope, I really hope, Mattel are getting an earful from the purchasers for these retail chains, who are having to deal face to face customers who are less than impressed.

I bought some replacement Slo Mo arms from Mattel's Customer service shop, and they have the claw hands.  I'm not really sure what that says one way or another, but since it's the only piece of Slo Mo any of us can buy right now, it seemed worth mentioning.

Very interesting development; thank you for sharing!

I guess I'll be letting up on my daily visits to Target for a while, then.

Well that's news.

I have to wonder Drake, if his hands are just meant to be clawed. I mean, why not? Zombies sometimes get like clawish nails and it would make him more monstery.

I honestly have no idea.  I'm all out of guesses at this point.  We've seen photographic proof of both versions.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see which ones win out in the end as the 'official' look.

purple_monkfish said:

I have to wonder Drake, if his hands are just meant to be clawed. I mean, why not? Zombies sometimes get like clawish nails and it would make him more monstery.

Since I have never really paid attention to this before but have the other boys been sent in individual cases or have they always been assortments?  Would this be a first ???

Thanks for the heads up was hoping to have him a bit earlier but I have everything crossed, I hope to get as soon as he becomes available. 


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