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A long time ago, on a dark and stormy night...

Except not really. It is storming, but it wasn't very long ago.

The time has come for the Miratium family dinner theatre. As the guests arrive, it begins storming and eventually the power goes out. Not much of a problem. But the evening begins to go sour, as it appears that the Eisoptri family seems to not be the only mirror walkers in the mansion.

Yeah, I had an RP with a similar premise to this but it died so I'm reusing it, ahaha.

Anyways, I'd recommend you have more than one OC for this, seeing as one by one, they'll go missing to the monster in the mirror.

Basic rules apply. Please ask to join. I'll be lax on the language.

We'll begin with the guests arriving. I'll be my Miratium siblings, Espi and Mirall, plus my selkie, Gwennant.

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((Now, we shall have some fun))

"If most other people are finished, I will go distribute the next course," Mirall informed her.

Espella nodded, getting up, but paused. "You may come sit with us, if you like."

Gwennant exited the dining room, and began heading down the hall (she thought) lead to the restroom. The door didn't open, and she was too busy attempting to get it to open to hear the shatter.

"Good, now tell Crystal to stop hurting me," Alyss said, putting her head on the table. "That'd be great, thanks."

Ellington nodded. "I shall follow you over, if that is okay with you." She added the last part a bit more quickly. She was often using those six words on the end of her sentence.

Espella nodded, and walked back towards the table. "Shall I get the next course, Mirall?" She asked, leaning over her brother's shoulder to the best of her ability.

He nodded. "I'll get the bowls." Mirall got to his feet and gave Ellington a tip of his top hat before stacking bowls up.

Ellington waved a little at Mirall and took a sip of water. She was still getting adjusted to everyone around her, so of course, she was a bit quiet.

Crystal glanced at the restroom. "Has Gwen been in there for a while now?" She asked, sounding a bit nervous.

"Most of that was intended to be a joke," Mirall remarked as he passed by the table. "The mind is quite susceptible to suggestion, afterall."

Carrying covered plates stacked on one arm, Espella swatted at his arm with her free hand. "What did mother and father say about messing with the psyches of our guests?" She told him with a pointed glare.

Mirall shrugged, picking up the last dish. "Gwennant went to the ladies' room a few minutes ago, I do believe."


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