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A long time ago, on a dark and stormy night...

Except not really. It is storming, but it wasn't very long ago.

The time has come for the Miratium family dinner theatre. As the guests arrive, it begins storming and eventually the power goes out. Not much of a problem. But the evening begins to go sour, as it appears that the Eisoptri family seems to not be the only mirror walkers in the mansion.

Yeah, I had an RP with a similar premise to this but it died so I'm reusing it, ahaha.

Anyways, I'd recommend you have more than one OC for this, seeing as one by one, they'll go missing to the monster in the mirror.

Basic rules apply. Please ask to join. I'll be lax on the language.

We'll begin with the guests arriving. I'll be my Miratium siblings, Espi and Mirall, plus my selkie, Gwennant.

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"Of course, Miss Crystal," Said Mirall, leaning over so she could retrieve the treat. "Anything else?"
"I'm fine, thank you," Crystal replied. She turned away quickly and stuffed the tart into her mouth. She swallowed and turned back around. "Maybe another tart?" She wiped the crumbs off her face.
Mirall grinned and offered her the tray. "A tart away keeps the caterpillars away," he recited, helping himself to a tart, and then paused. "...Actually, it doesn't. But that's a nice proverb, isn't it?"
"It is a nice proverb, too bad all those caterpillars from awhile go became butterflys," Crystal replied, eating another tart herself. "Though there are more around, I am sure. Just haven't seen them yet."
((I hope you don't mind me dropping out. RPs are a pain in the butt when one is using an anonymiser to get pass blockage. Sorry.))
((Alrighty. Completely understand.))
"Hm? Would you care for one?" Mirall asked the girls, holding the tray out to them. "A party is never one of our parties unless everyone gets a tarty tart." He grinned broadly, waiting for them to take one before snagging another for himself.
"Ahem," Alyss said from the doorway of the den, in that sort of impatient tone. "I just finished a Scandal in Bohemia, I suggest you hurry it up a bit with the tarts over here, Mirall."

"Calm down, hustlepants," Crystal said, walking over to enter the den. "Your boyfriend must be getting to you with his Speediness, I'm guessing." Without another word and an unnerving grin, she slipped past her sister.

Espella heard Crystal's remark, and snorted to herself. "Alyss, I'm sure to can be a bit more patient," she said over her shoulder, certain that her friend had emergency tarty tarts hidden somewhere on her person.

She paused, feeling as if something were watching her, and then reprimanded herself. From her post at the door, she could see the looking glass mounted on the wall, showing nothing out of the ordinary.

Alyss paused a second and stared at the cover of Sherlock Holmes, as of she was thinking of the answer to all the questions in the universe*. "Nah," She finally replied, turnîng back to the den while reading the Hound of Baskerville.


(May I join? =) I'd like to play with Goldie, she is an hawaiian monster daughter of the goldfish monster)


"Dinner should be starting soon!" Espella called after her with a roll her eyes.

"Glad Ah'm on time then," Gwennant remarked as she entered the mansion. Her balance wavered when she landed on her heels, which she was definitely not used too, but steadied herself with a toss of her head.

"Hello, Mirall," she greeted, claiming a tart for herself, and he responded with a polite tip of his hat.


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