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A long time ago, on a dark and stormy night...

Except not really. It is storming, but it wasn't very long ago.

The time has come for the Miratium family dinner theatre. As the guests arrive, it begins storming and eventually the power goes out. Not much of a problem. But the evening begins to go sour, as it appears that the Eisoptri family seems to not be the only mirror walkers in the mansion.

Yeah, I had an RP with a similar premise to this but it died so I'm reusing it, ahaha.

Anyways, I'd recommend you have more than one OC for this, seeing as one by one, they'll go missing to the monster in the mirror.

Basic rules apply. Please ask to join. I'll be lax on the language.

We'll begin with the guests arriving. I'll be my Miratium siblings, Espi and Mirall, plus my selkie, Gwennant.

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((Yes, you may!))

Yep yep.

Can I join

May I have the honour of joining this RP, Aretina?

I wanna joiiiiin! Could I join as my dear mirror demons?

Sure, Zena.

And of course for Maddy. It isn't a party unless it's a mirror demons party because a mirror demon party don't stop.

*gigglegiggile* Same with Time Lord parties, you know.

~punches myself for saying that~ Naturally.

Shall we begin?

Ahhh sure. Though I can't start to save my life.

May I Join?

((I've never RPed with you before, Haddox, but sure, we can give it a try c: ))

( Thank You :D)


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