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So, I WAS gonna DONATE that reboot Party Abby Bominable to the doll museum, but, in these times, I think that the lady who owns it might need my MONEY MORE, in order to just stay AFLOAT. :( I still owe her a few notes about dolls that I ALREADY donated (Fab Faces My Scenes).

Anyway, the upshot of all of that is that the blue-lipped, Reboot Era Party Abby Bominable doll is getting a second chance from me, ESPECIALLY if I CAN'T get the glue out of my only other Abby's head!

With regard to that doll museum, I feel both scared and guilty as heck. I mean, I feel badly for the lady who runs the place. There she is, at, I don't know, 80-something (?), forgetful and sort of scatterbrained, and she's there all ALONE, and I don't think that her daughters are interested in taking over for her when she can't operate the place anymore.

At the SAME time, she has skills that I know nothing about (She was repairing a LARGE doll one time when I visited, and she knows how to care for porcelain dolls, etc.), and some of the dolls in the place are a bit intimidating to me, and I don't like leaving the house often, so I never knew that I'd have been comfortable volunteering there.

I just feel so badly for her, because I don't know what's going to happen to her, and to all of the donated dolls that have brought so many travelers so much joy! The museum was in the local news, and a few well-knowns have visited, too, so it's NOT just a cheap, throwaway kind of place.

Should the place close in these times, I couldn't even take the dolls and open a new museum....and give this lady a generous portion of the visitors' fees, or buy the business from her, or ANYTHING like that, because I currently live in a home-owners association-related area, and the association will NOT allow formal businesses to be run out of homes (Ie: Beauty parlors, etc.).

Anyway, I think that I'll contact her about the My Scenes next week, and I think that I may also ask about some of the dolls that I've been looking for, as she mentioned that she had extras that she wasn't going to use in the museum. I might be able to buy a few dolls from her, in order to try to help her out, with regard to the finances, as I really don't know what her family will do about the museum.

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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It would be quite nice volunteering in that museum. You could do it one day a week or two or a few hours a few days a week. I would if I had a museum like this near where I live.

Hello, Tula,

Well, I don't usually like to be away from the house a lot, so there's that, but I couldn't do it NOW, even once in awhile (Someone would have to drive me out there a ways in order to get there), 'cause of....Covid 19.... :( :( :( My Cardiologist would have a COW if I did that in these times! I can't even go for more than a car ride these days. I can't walk into ANY establishment until this Covid 19 thing is gone for good.

I still want to check up on the lady who owns the place, though, because the business must be hurting, in general, these days, what with a substantial lack of visitors and donations. I'm going to try to contribute information and $$$.

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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