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Which doll/character do you like the best out of the reboot and which the least? Which do you think they screwed up and or changed too much and which do you think they change either too little or not very much at all?

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Personally I would have to say facemold wise Draculaura obviously has changed the most, however Frankie has changed a ton as well (due to paint though) and she is a hit and miss for me. My favorite out of the reboots is Venus and I also think she is the least changed, but her gappy joints and atrocious body ruin her face which is nearly identical to her pre-reboot one. Cleo is also a contender for my favorite and least changed. I think Clawdeen is the worst, with Frankie (albeit not all of them) being the most changed and worst as well. I really love Gen 1 Drac, but the new one is equally as cute and looks more like the animation from the original movies, not the reboot ones which they are all hideous in the movies and webisodes. Lagoona I think is the one who has stayed mostly the same as well. She really has not changed all that much besides getting some lip plumper. Two things that drive me bonkers are the grey eyelashes/liner painted on the bottom lid of the eye and also how the lips are all placed too high up and it's clear they aren't even covering the bottom portion of the mouth. Their mouths also have super thick paint in the middle where the lips meet and it looks odd. Plus all the new paint is matte, like super dull whereas it used to have a sheen to it.

frankie is the worst I think, her new face just looks so blank and characterless.

Drac can look scary psychotic or quite pretty depending on how they paint her up. Clawdeen looks worried.

Cleo I think translates the nicest to the reboot style because her rounder eyes fit her head mold better than those elongated wrap around her skull style eyes of a lot of her g1 dolls.

I think reboot cleo is often quite beautiful. Also no tinsel! AT LAST.

So best Cleo, worst Frankie.

I definitely agree with this line-up. Lagoona kind of depends - sometimes she looks really nice and other times she looks a bit non-descript. I think Abbey looks great though. They've really captured the essence of the character in her new face.

Well there is one reboot Cleo with tinsel.

Also, not all Cleo's of gen 1 had that problem, it was limited to the ones made in Indonesia as with all the dolls made there had a high percentage of wonk eye. Take I <3 Shoes Cleo just as an example, her eyes were great.

I like Lagoona and Venus the best, I've always though Venus was one of the prettiest dolls, and that still hasn't changed. And Lagoona just looks cute. I really hate the new Draculaura, Frankie, and Clawdeen though. Lala's new face really creeps me out for some reason, and it just breaks my heart to see the new Clawdeen. She doesn't look fierce at all, poor girl. And Frankie looks way younger than she's supposed to be. The new faceups just take away all the elegance and fierceness that made monster high so different. Now, they should be ashamed to even call themselves Monster High.

Actually Frankie is just repainted, it's the same facemold. All the new ones even say 2008 on the back of the neck, whereas Draculaura says 2015. I just found it out because I thought Frankie had a whole new face as well.

yep drac is the only new face mold i've seen. The rest are just painted to have bigger eyes.

Venus does have a beautiful face, shame ALL her reboot dolls got that god awful body. Really bummed me out having to return the one reboot doll of her I got but her hand was dangling off and the gappy body looked so errored I really thought iwas a factory defect. It looked horrible and felt so fragile and easy to break.

Sometimes Ula looks cute, other times her new sculpt is creepy as all hell. Smiling sculpts often are a little.. uncanny.

Yeah she is the best reboot version of any Monster High doll in my opinion, especially the "Party Ghouls" doll. She looks nearly identical to the first wave Venus of gen 1, besides the eyes of course.

I think Mattel is doing the nasty gappy joints so that people will say just screw articulation and they can just cheap out and make static dolls. I honestly believe this.

And suddenly, it all makes sense

*goes and is sick*

I only think Lagoona is ok, and that’s bc she looks pretty much the same as she always did, face-wise.

I’m actually upset and side eyeing that they made Cleo’s eyes less almond shaped


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