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I was in Walmart tonight, checking out the dolls and I found real Gloom Beach sunglasses, real as in you can wear them, only problem is they are made for kids(>.< As Always). I got a pair of Frankie's anyway, and yes I will wear them. I added a picture of them from ebay. My sister got Ghoulias, which are trippy, everything is BRIGHT red when you wear them. She also got Draculaura's bow glasses. Im thinking about going back and getting cleo's too. I love these I just wish they made adult sizes too. (Ps they are about $5 at Walmart if you want to buy some.)

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I have them all, I wear Draculaura's alot when I'm in my backyard. :D

These are amazing. I wish they were here in new zealand.

I saw them at walmart too! But theyre just too small :/

man, if these came in adult sizing I would wear the hell out of Ghoulia's and Clawdeen's.


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