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In the last discussion, purple monkfish stated that we need to not trade. SO... WHY IS THERE A "TRADE" IN THE BUYING/SELLING SECTION?

It's ridiculous for people (moderators, no less) to tell you to beware and just sell, to use PayPal. It frees them from any responsibility and is a condescending way to respond to members of the forum.

It's also ridiculous to close off a discussion that is of interest in the forum.

We're buying dolls.
Some we can only obtain be trade because of price, location or whichever reason.

WHY can't people who have been scammed and see the individual remain on the site voice their concern?
This community is based on doll collecting and I think the staff here should be mindful of that.

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The reputation of said scammer is irrelevant in any case.  The amount of research or lack of research does not absolve the actual offender of blame.  Regardless of the scale of the scams, it's important that something be done to prevent it from occurring at all.  Much like in a real world place, the respective governments would attempt to minimize crimes in certain areas, not tell the victims that it's their fault for crossing into a bad neighborhood.

But as is the nature of any place that allows members to make transactions with other members, sometimes innocent members become victim to dishonesty, and there's no way to prove it sometimes.  Especially if the transactions are actually done over the forum as opposed on an exterior site.

Can we close this topic finally or does anyone else have to weigh  in about being victimized? The bottom line is the phrase " At your own risk".

If you do not understand what that means then you should not be conducting your business on an internet fan site.

The site and the moderators owe you absolutely nothing.

Walk through a bad neighborhood and get mugged and you'll see just how much the government or police can and will do for you.

The user in question has been removed from the site.  Unfortunately, that's the most we can do.  I feel really bad for the people who lost out, and I hope you can pursue avenues to try to get back some compensation, be it talking to the postal service or contacting the person offsite (if you have that information).

If anyone has any further concerns, please feel free to talk to me over Private Chat, but I'm afraid there's nothing more that can be done about this specific situation.

I do know who was .... but I was in no way blaming the site ... all I wanted was for people to be warned about the scammer before anyone else got ripped off by them ...  I only lost $15 with the doll / shipping but I know others lost a lot more then that dealing with this scammer ... people like that ruin trading for all the honest people 


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