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Take a look at these pictures, they look amazing:)I don't know if its a mistake but it says there $10!!!! Sorry for the small pictures its all they had:(

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That Frankie looks so much better!

No tinsel! Hell yes! I hated the tinsel!

Only one I didn't have already was Frankie so hmm.. if they stay cheap and their outfits are the same, could be worth it. I loved her s1600 shoes.

But still feels like a really redundant rerelease. First 1600 sat on shelves around here for over a year not selling, it was crazy.

Our walmart has a ton of 1600 dolls, have for the last few months. No clawd though that I have seen. I know I picked up the other three in may for my daughters birthday cake, and they still had a bunch yesterday when I was there, didn't pay attention to the price though. But I do know if something is priced on sale online, if you print it and ake it to the store, they will honor the price in store too.
Frankie's shoes look different too
Did any body happen to take a screenshot of it or send a pic

They look great i like that they made the dolls a little different, i will try to pick these up on Black Friday. I wonder if new scaremester will be the Black Friday basics this year.


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