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Take a look at these pictures, they look amazing:)I don't know if its a mistake but it says there $10!!!! Sorry for the small pictures its all they had:(

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Here's Frankie:)
And here's Clawdeen:)

aw, no clawd? That's the only one I still need, but those prices are amazing!

I know right I wonder if there gonna be in stores??? I love the new makeup and the hair looks so much better:)
So you think they will be Walmart's black-Friday exclusive this year??? If so wonder why there on the website so early?

Thanks for posting!

Totes don't mind this, I wanted the 1600 ghouls but was never gonna pay $20 something for them. Lala would look smashing with black lips!

Looks nice :)

Have to wonder ;) 

the box size is smaller than the previous 1600 dolls, kind of like the Black Friday Classroom dolls were in a smaller box than the full version.

I love the new make up and the lack of tinsel in the hair! I will definitely be picking these up for fashion packs! Altho I'll need to get different hands for Clawdeen due to the gloves...

Wow I was wondering why they were releasing Sweet 1600 for Black Friday when they're total shelf sitters in the area.  I had hopes for Clawd to show up on the shelf.  I do like the new purses, but I still don't love them enough to pick them up.

I have a friend who works the toy section at Walmart and he said that they sometimes forget about their stock in the back room and bring them out late or people return their online orders and they are placed out randomly like today at the Walmart I found catrine skelita Cupid and a lot of the CAM add on packs that I wasn't able to find before
Anyone know if they will re-release Clawd? I really want to get him!


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