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Rarer MH dolls for sale: Dance Class Gil, Sig Howleen, Sig Spectra, Sig Catty, AND MORE!

Links to my craigslist adds:




Don't lose out!

Example of buying rules: If you buy 2 dolls from the $15-20 lot AND one doll from the $12-15 lot, you save a total of $13! (and shipping is combined, of course)

Only shipping in the US. You pay price of dolls + shipping. Leave a message in this thread and send me a friend request so we can get a shipping quote!

*Note: Signature Spectra has the faintest pink mark on her cheek. It's very hard to see, as the close up pic shows, but I just thought I would let you know!

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Catty Noir, Spectra, Abbey, and the nude Lagoona doll are all SOLD


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