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Have you seen a rare MH doll? post the doll you saw here and what store it was in, I saw all of the Scarily Ever After dolls! they are limited edition, and i have been hunting for them for a LONG time. I, unfortunately, didn't have the money to buy them *pouts* :( XD

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You mean the scary tales dolls? Several Targets in Miami have had all three. I actually saw all three last night at the Target by Southland Mall.

We are tripping over them in IL -- most Target stores in my area have 10 plus of each doll.

A lot of the Targets around my neck of southern CA have the Scarily Ever After dolls in stock, too. Given the prevalence of scalpers around here, that's kind of surprising to me.

Our two Targets are swimming in them.  However, the No Ho Target did have two of the Clawdeen/Howleen set which I hardly ever see.  This was the first time I'd seen it in one of my local Targets. 

I'm seeing Clawdeen/Howleen in more Targets these days as well.  I've seen them a few times in the past, though not often.

I think this thread is only meant for Florida sightings :/

I saw all the scarily ever after dolls at my local walmart and im hunting for clawdeen/howleen

I am also hunting Clawdeen or Howleen

I have clawdeen/Howleen 40.00 plus shipping if interested let me know.


I may want Howleen for chistmas, if you could hold her.

Figured I'd go around and contribute to all the FL based threads. Scaris at the Justice in Daytona Beach. They said they're due in for more by Monday.

The Scaris and Dance class line dolls are at Justice in Pensacola, FL.  I also saw a Clawdeen/Howleen pack at Target.


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