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I am curious where the main Ghouls sit in the fandom. So rank the main girls from your favorite to least.


1. Draculaura

2. Frankie

3. Ghoulia

4. Abby

5. Cleo.

6. Lagoona

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Oh gees how did I forget them!

Triumvirate said:

Which characters fall into your category of "main ghouls"? I would have assumed that maybe you meant the first group of Frankie, Draculaura, Cleo, Clawdeen, Lagoona, and Ghoulia except that you put Abbey on your personal list. 

I know other people might not agree, but to me there's nine main ghouls.  I'd say I'd go with the nine I think are mains in this order:

1: Cleo

2: Spectra

3: Abbey

4: Lagoona

5: Ghoulia

6: Frankie

7: Clawdeen

8: Draculaura

9: Operetta

1 Abbey

2 Operetta

3 Robecca

4 Lagoona

5 Cleo

6 Ghoulia


For me personally the first 6 are the "core ghouls", they're the ones the line was built around. I'd rank them:

1. Cleo

2. Frankie

3. Ghoulia

4. Lagoona

5. Clawdeen

6. Draculaura

IMO, we can't count Catrine, Skelita and Jinafire as main ghouls just yet. They haven't gotten any attention apart from the Scaris special and they don't even have second versions. (Although they will get new dolls soon, I'm excited!)

My list:

1. Cleo

2. Operetta

3. Abbey

4. Venus

5. Clawdeen

6. Spectra

7. Ghoulia

8. Lagoona

9. Draculaura

10. Frankie

11. Rochelle

12. Robecca (yeah, I don't like Robecca much)

1. Lagoona

2. Abbey

3. Draculaura

4. Ghoulia

5. Frankie

6. Clawdeen

7. Cleo

8 Operetta

9. Venus

10. Rochelle

11. Robecca

12 Spectra

My top 6 would be..............

1. Cleo

2. Abbey

3. Lagoona

4. Rochelle

5. Clawdeen

6. Operetta

I don't know 'bout the others. I am not a big fan of Lala and Frankie. I am kind of sick of them, as they are in majority of lines, and I have to stop buying them.

Most of you would probably disagree with me, but this is what I think :)

Yeah, I agree. I still really like those boxes

Justin said:

The original ghouls, to me, in order are:

1.  Lagoona
2.  Frankie
3.  Clawdeen
4.  Cleo
5.  Ghoulia

Basically whoever had the original coffin-shape box packaging from 2010 is an original to me.

Ooh, fun!

I'm counting the main 12.

1. Cleo

HBIC and most developed character in the line

2. Rochelle

Her sad eyes and pastel scheme are great.

3. Lagoona

Beautiful doll

4. Spectra

Her gaunt face is fierce! Her eyes are gorgeous and her theme is great.

5. Clawdeen

One of the most consistent. Has been on point recently

6. Ghoulia

Beautiful face, love her character too. Needs a new basic release.

7. Venus

Annoying character but has alot of potential.

8. Frankie

she can be annoying, but she's sweet. Love her preppy style.

9. Operetta

The next most consistent. When her dolls are good, they're VERY good!

10. Robecca

Wonderful mold, but designs for her are totally boring. She feels lost.

11. Draculaura

Aside from SC/DotD she's my least fave.

12. Abbey

Pretty boring, samey releases.


Only the main girls, hm...

1. Frankie - She's my favourite doll and my favourite character. I relate to her the most.

2. Clawdeen - I love how all her dolls are so different! I can pretend they are different characters.

3. Cleo - She's absolutely gorgeous.

4. Draculaura - I like her girly style. A lot of people don't like frilly things, especially older people, but I'm 19 and I LOVE lacey, frilly, girly, lolita things. I don't even wear pants, I'm a dresses-and-skirts only type of girl, lol. I'm not into gothic lolita though. I prefer classic or sweet lolita and that's why Draculaura would be number 4.

5. Lagoona - She's very pretty, but I don't relate to her at all.

6. Ghoulia - Ehh... Most of her dolls are ugly to me. I love her face, but I just don't like her style.

If I could add the later dolls then Robecca would be my number 2. (: She's an exotic beauty with so much potential. I love steampunk, I wish she could have another doll that isn't in a budget line. I want more of those details she had with her first doll.

It took me a while to settle on a definition for 'main ghouls'. The first five are a given, but it doesn't seem right to not include Ghoulia. Given that she was a later release, the door is opened for other, later releases. I thought about going with ghouls that have gotten multiple doll releases, but that's a slippery slope. Robecca's gotten three dolls, which is the same number as Howleen so far- and I don't think Howleen is anyone's idea of a main ghoul.


Ultimately, I decided on Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona, Cleo, Ghoulia, and Abbey. Abbey is included because she is part of that core group of friends, which I think is also why she sees so many doll releases. She's a wavemate of Spectra and Operetta (my own favorite character), who are on good terms with the main ghouls but not part of the group.



1. Frankie - Her little face is just precious. Nearly 20 dolls in, she's still not bored me. Her hair, makeup, and motifs are really varied.

2. Lagoona - The Pisces in me loves her and all her aquatic motifs and colors.

3. Ghoulia - I'm a comic book nerd, so I relate to her. She has a beautiful face and some clever theming.

4. Clawdeen - I don't always love her outfits, but her face and color are so pretty. I especially like when her hair is predominantly brown.

5. Cleo - At her best she skips up a step or two, but she's not at her best disappointingly often. I'm quite sick of all that hair spackle.

6. Draculaura - A cutie pie and a gateway doll for many, but she suffers horribly from same-face syndrome.

7. Abbey - She has an amusing personality and makes an attractive doll, but they should change her up more. The Classroom doll is a step in the right direction.


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