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Ever just have random thoughts when musing about Monster High?

When I first saw Abbey, for the LONGEST time I thought her fur headband was part of her hair. I still cannot 'see' the headband as something separate unless I concentrate

Has Deuce ever accidentally frozen Cleo? She's very quick at looking away or knows when to look away when Deuce uses his gaze, but has there ever been an accident? She isn't immune as far as I know (only Rochelle - as a stone gargoyle is immune?) and his stare can be temporary as he's frozen Heath, Ms. Crabgrass and Van Hellscream. It probably works differently on pets or he can somewhat control it's strength? Smokey is still petrified. He's probably more careful with her than most people, but I'm just curious

I honestly thought Gory Fangtell and Bram Devain were more cousins or brother/sister than couple in their first few scenes in Fright On! Still do, occationally

Is Ghoulia cold to the touch like a real corpse or does she have some warmth as she moves around?

The Wolf family have proven good sense of smell (Howleen demonstrates it in Fright On!), can they detect blood relatives purely by smell? I don't mean Clawdeen find Clawd, I mean in a crowd of relatives they haven't seen in a long time

Share your random thoughts!

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Love this thread. My random thought. So the real Cleopatra killed herself by being bitten by a snake. Is that a reason Cleo is so attracted to Duece and do the snakes ever bite at random? So has Cleo ever been bitten?

I think the snake affinity is a side thing to her partnership with Deuce, since she outright refuses to use her 'charm' to manipulate the serpent side of him XD

(... oh slap me I just love them as a couple)

I know. They are the perfect couple. And I am upset that they only briefly touch on a relationship between Abbey and Heath. I wish they would developed that more. Like you, I am a huge Abbey fan. I have all of her dolls. I want to see more of her.

Re: Snakes; the snakes do have something of a mind of their own as Deuce had to stop them taking/biting a drink in one of the specials (Ghouls Rule?) but this could simply either be a joke or the snakes take some of their cues from Deuce's thoughts. As such, they probably wouldn't bite Cleo since Deuce loves her

I wonder if a zombie could move around on roller skates and get around as quickly as everyone else since it takes only a little movement to get going and a little to stop.

If Draculaura and Cleo are so old does this mean they've just skipped going to school up until this point?

Are mummies, zombies and skeletons related since theyre all the walking dead? Does something about their resurrection determine what they are?

This is fun lol

I get the impression that Cleo and Nefera were untombed fairly recently and now age (so basically coming out of stasis). They must have been restored to their current selves via magic since mummies are prepared missing all of their organs. Some are kept in canopic jars, the heart is placed back to be Judged, but the brain and everything else gets scrapped. Probably the reason for the 'keep my wrappings on otherwise I'll turn to dust' for them

What happens when Cleo/Nefera's bandages get wet? How do they clean them? Cleo's been hit with various things, I picture her servants steam-cleaning them while she's still wearing them XD

Ghoulia has zombie parents. Did she ... 'die' as a human girl and was brought back to life with her similarly human parents? How did Neighthon 'inherit' his parent's zombie side? Then again, best not to think TOO hard about the hybrids, otherwise all sorts of mental images come out XD

I always assumed it was like many vampires or ghosts in fiction, they physically stay the age they are when they "turn" so they go to school every once and a while to meet new people their own "ages."  In their cases, I'm guessing they're immortal, or near enough to it, so their friends will mostly die, so they, um, "replace" them so to speak.

As for me, I always assumed fire elementals were warm to the touch, and Abbey would probably be a little chilly to touch.  I also always assumed that fire elementals would have the same effect on water that Lagoonafire had in Freaky Fusion: they make it a sauna instead of a pool.  
Abbinormal said:

If Draculaura and Cleo are so old does this mean they've just skipped going to school up until this point?

Abbey WILL be chilly; her ice-crystal necklace keeps the air around her cold enough for her to be comfortable (hence the random snowflakes around her animation)

Are there non-sentient dragons in the MH universe because there have been ingredients/food stuffs mentioned in webisodes ect that include dragon whatever but Jinafire is a Do they just donate body parts? Is there a little heart stamped on their Monster ID card if theyre doners? lol XD

Heres something I thought about...and its actually very sad, morbid and depressing So be warned..lets just take a moment and really really think about some of the Monster High characters...Frankie basically is made by different body parts....So...several 15/16 year old girls had died and then using different body parts (ew), Frankie was created.

Some of the MH characters are immortal...we'll take Draculaura for example...while she goes on living forever, she has to watch her best friends Clawdeen, Lagoona , Howleen, her boyfriend Clawd all  grow old and eventually die.

Its just kinda sad when you think about it.



.... Oh my :c

Re: Deuce's Snakes. I just got the Hopes and Screams graphic novel, and I flicked through it. Part of a story has Deuce's snakes hissing at Cleo, and they don't respond to Deuce telling them to be quiet. There's a reason given later, and it seems in the comic-verse the snakes DO have a mind of their own, or they pick up on Deuce's mental cues

My random thought is: Since different monsters are different ages, how does it affect dating and school life? 

For example, since Draculaura is at least 1600 years old, will her relationship with Clawd be considered "cougar" or is Clawd also really old? And while I'm thinking of age, where is the social boundary for dating based on these long lifespans? For example, let's pretend Clawd/the Wolf family all age normally, Clawd being 16. Since Draculaura is 1600+, could she date Clawd's (Imaginary) Uncle without it being weird?

Also, why is Draculaura still in school after so long? In "Why do ghouls fall in love?" She was in a vampire school way back in the day. Why has she not graduated yet? Are there different rules for how long you must attend school based on your species life span? Or is it just that the poor ghoul has failed her course work a lot? I guess that would mean Cleo is in the same boat she is. But, then again Nefera has graduated and does modeling (I think that's what Cleo's mentioned her doing before.)

And here's my last thought: Whenever we get a new MH movie, 9/10 times, Frankie is the girl the new guys fall for. Of the top of my head she has had Holt, Jackson, Neighton, and the Skull Shores guy fall in love with her.  So here's my point: if she was made of various 15/16 year old girls body parts, (like someone above mentioned) is she the monster version of the "perfect" Hollywood plastic princess that (according to society's values on beauty) every guy drools over? 


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