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Hey y'all! I'm trying to raise money to help pay for my friends health insurance and medicine.

Spectra being a creepy gossip; Venus drinking gross bathwater; Skelita being fabulous; Abbey is SO TIRED

I'm thinking $60 for the lot. If parts are bought and you want to buy the rest, a similar discount will be applied! Please read the extra details at the bottom of the post.

Individual Prices:

Drac Powder Room Set w/Doll = $15

That's right, she's sitting in the bath tub eating ice cream. (she does have her slippers, though they're not visible)

I'm in love with this Draculaura, her faceup is perfection -- and those adorable tiny bow earrings! >./span>

Scaris Skelita = $15

Signature Venus = $15

Venus is so fun to pose :3

School's Out Lagoona = $5

Unfortunately she is missing her shoes and leg fins. She does come with her diary, though, I just forgot to put it in this picture. 

The outfit is so cute! and that watch... So much detail, the little folder even has stickers! Also, am I the only one who's feelings are split about her earrings?

Dead Tired Abbey = $5

Her face paint is chipped in a few places, should be an easy fix. She is begging to be made into a mobster >.>

Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra = $10

The bow bracelet is pretty cute... and the tiny lock shaped makeup palette.. I'm dying.

I might be willing to negotiate offers. Please leave offers in this thread. When you are ready to buy, PM me with your zip code and items you're interested in and I'll give you a shipping estimate. I may be able to help out on shipping cost. If you want a stand but the doll you want doesn't come with one (check lot photo), I will add one of my own free of charge.

I was thinking of adding a FREE, UNOPENED MH MINI into one of the orders. Season depends on what's available in my area. Let me know what you think of this idea!

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I messaged you

Are they still available? I'll buy all these dolls, I'll also pay shipping as much as you want I really want to help you.

The thing I only demand is that please accept COD (cash on delivery), I don't have PayPal or something.


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