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So I found these pics on deviantart that someone created, they said they put together all the outfits of the current and upcoming doll lines. The thing is I recognize all except for the one they claim to be rainy day series, or something to that effect. Anyone else hear of this? You'll notice the new outfits in the pics.


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Yea lol, its good for me now I dont have to pay as much money lol

Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

Well now it looks like that Clawdeen and Draculaura are both fashion packs:!/photo.php?fbid=1450773365788...

So, maybe the skipped number doesn't mean anything.

I don't really care for mh-maria's gallery. She's using DA as a photobucket which is against DA's rules last I recall and she doesn't ever credit where she gets the images from as far as I can see.
More Fashion packs? :D They do listen, ohmylord!
Even if the rainy day series is fan made I think its a cute idea! Mattel should totally use that :P I like cleo and draculaura of the rainy day series the best :P
Right now I feel like a Lovable Lilly
Spectra has one Rainy day version too. Maybe Abby or Toralei will have too.
That Dead Tired Ghoulia looks more like she's about to puke her guts out. XD

Beatriz Queiroz Barreto said:
That Dead Tired Ghoulia looks more like she's about to puke her guts out. XD

I asked the artist directly on DA and she said the following,

"Bloody Rain is an unconfirmed name. It would have been nice for an announcement at Comic-con, but they seemed pretty busy with the new characters and the new outfit packs. Fingers crossed for that set to released soon!"


It's still unclear though. Where did she find the designs?

Mattel never really announced a "Bloody Rain" thing from what I've seen. Nor do I really think Mattel would use the name, seems a tad much for a Tween/Teen line. I think its all fan made, especially as they aren't claiming sources on it.

I do hope it's some real thing! I also like the person said the name is unconfirmed so it would likely change. Ah people like Wun, Breanna, and I will likely be keeping an eye out on Trademarkia. I love all the outfits so that's why I hope it's real. As for where did they find the designs, I think they could have been asked to show them off, but not give away to much. I honestly don't know. I want this to be real, but I don't know. I just feel a tad bit confused now, so I'm going to stop before I confuse myself more. Also I put all of the Bloody Rain outfits here:


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