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no denying it now...there's been no new doll reveals for many months no mention of any new animated flicks and all discussion for MH has gone down the toilet

plus their youtube channel is just reloading the older webisodes now

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I just wish we still get the tea party dolls 

It is so depressing. No new Monster High dolls in shops and it has been going on for ages. We did not see the ballerinas here in the UK so we will not see the tea party dolls even if they are ever released.

it's probably for the best, I'm not saying it should never come back, maybe in a few years it could come back and be like it used to from the beginning, when and if the time is right, monsters and supernatural things are not the in thing right now, but one day again they might just be, we all knew it wouldn't last but that doesn't mean it would never make a comeback as most things do. 

Yep, I think it is officially done. No new dolls in stores. Walmart does not even have any MH dolls anymore. Nothing anywhere. Rest in peace, MH. Mattel killed you like they always do. :(

i don't even know what will become of this site now....i should have known the end was near when they got a lame burger king kids meal last year instead of a happy meal one like they had done in the past...

We can talk about other doll lines and reminisce about Mh

yeah a lot of us still collect other lines and talk about other stuff as well, plus MH can still be purchased on the second hand market and new collectors still join, and MH might come back someday so there's always that. 

this site holds dear memories and a lot of us made good friends here, I know I did and it's still great to chat to them on here after all this time.

yep, its dead, and its a shame the 2nd wave never reintroduced more of the other characters like Ghoulia and Operetta.

like I have mentioned before tis site should re-purpose itself as a general doll site and split the forum up into the different major doll brands/companies. Theres really no good general doll forum site out there, just for specific lines and many people like me like to collect more than one.


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