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So it's been some time since I've shared anything here and I have a question maybe you guys can help me I have a few customs that I would like to sell and I'm not sure what to price them I was thinking $40 plus whatever shipping would be and the more simple repaints for $25 plus shipping does that sound too high if so please suggest a price for me to attempt to sell my customs thanks and I'll include photos o my customs so you guys can judge them thanks

Also where would I sell these not sure where to sell them has anyone had any experience with etsy or any other place

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Price wise, I say you are on the cheaper end.  Your customs are beautiful!  I've seen people selling the same quality of work for $75.  Now, do they manage to sell those dolls?  I'm not sure.  Hopefully someone with more experience can comment on that bit.  I just wanted you to know that you aren't asking too much on price.

Thank you!! And I never intended to sell a custom for a high price when I started making them specially since I don't have stands or boxes for them so they would basically get just a doll so I felt it would be better for me to not over price anything I make but it's nice to know that my price range is on the fair-ish side


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