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Hello, I am new to MH dolls, I've just recently bought a Draculaura and a Frankie to customize. I bought a container of pure acetone at the hardware store to remove paint, and it worked flawlessly on Draculaura (who arrived in the mail about a week before Frankie.) I removed her paint without any trouble, and rinsed her head immediately in warm water. She is doing great.

However, Frankie arrived this morning, and I got straight to work on her. Like Draculaura, her face paint came off quite easily with the acetone, and was rinsed immediately. But when I began to remove the stitches on her body, I noticed right away that the plastic her body is made of reacts very quickly with the acetone. I was so afraid the whole time of warping the plastic, it seemed like it was beginning to change texture and become sticky within seconds of applying acetone, and I kept a bowl of water beside me while I worked so that I could rinse her every few seconds. On her left thigh, bits of the cotton ball I was using got stuck to her, and I can't seem to get the cotton residue off. Her right arm also has a few smears, and I'm afraid to apply any more acetone to try to get them off.

Is this normal? Am I just being paranoid? How can I get the cotton residue off her leg, and is it alright for me to try removing the smears with the acetone again?

Thank you in advance for helping me! This doll is just beautiful, I'm so excited to work with her, and I'd hate to damage her in any way.

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Same thing happened to both the Frankie's I had the body started to melt on me so I washed the acetone off right away and sanded down with a fine grain sanding block I got at michaels sanding it will help remove the melted areas but yes I learned to just sand the bodies instead of using the acetone on them

Thank you! I went over her again very lightly with acetone and rinsed her off, I think a lot of the residue that was making her sticky and bumpy was the glue from the stitches applique. She is smoother and smear-free now, but there is still a bit of corrosion. Thankfully, it's not noticeable, unless you're looking for it. I will remember ethyl alcohol for next time!

This happened to my Frankie when I just started out, I threw her away. It wasn't until I had gotten the hand of customising that I realised she was still usable. I could have sanded down all the areas that the acetone ate away at the plastic.

But I did learn my lesson, acetone works great on the vinyl head but not on the body.


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