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Pullip Dolls at Tuesday Morning. I had seen these dolls on the web before but they are a bit expensive for me. It was gift so I'm a very happy camper. This doll is awesome. The head is more brittle then the MH but strong and thick not thin and flaky.The joints have super smooth movements.

The is hair good but thicker than MH. The lips have this beautiful colorization of thin lines giving it that wrinkle feel that lips have. The clothes are well sewn with great details. The outfit is a onesie/romper jumpsuit feels like cotton. She came with socks, shoes, a shawl, wings, horned hat, a card and a pitchfork with a stand.

The hat is felt material with chains hanging. One chain has a cross hanging. Around her waist she also has some chains with safety pins and a spider web charm, too cute. That fact that you have to finish dressing her is a treat. My only concern is the shawl and wings. They have that shiny vinyl type material that tends to flake with time. The shawl does have a very cool metal skull in the center like a broach and black and red cross pattern. The stand is a good plastic with a metal top piece that is strong and cinches at the waist like a kaiser stand.

But the coolest thing about this doll and overall the best thing I've ever seem on a doll I have is the inset eyes and "they move". How awesome is that. They have a lever that slide from side to side behind the head right below the hair line. I couldn't stop playing with that freaking lever. 

I started reading up on pullip and went goo goo gaga over all the other dolls that they have made. Too bad they are over priced. I gonna be hunting down more Tuesday Mornings. If you guys have these stores and care for this type of doll check them out.

As Always happy Hunting.

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Hunting at Tuesday Morning again. Has become my go to store since I discovered they sell these adorable dolls Pullips. This past week they had nothing and today they had one Romantic white Rabbit. At first I wanted one in a gown but I'm actually happy I'm finding them in these super cute animal costumes. So if you have a Tuesday morning stores check them out. As Always Happy Hunting.

On my outing today at Tuesday morning I found another Dal doll Katoya and another doll that was new to me called Yeolume Podo. According to the web Yeolume is the future daughter of Pullip. Added some pics.

Got to read a bit on these dollies which was super cool. The different body types and the array of dolls they have done is so incredible. So many I would love to have.

Not knowing to much about them did come across a reviewer who said this skin tone was hard to find in these dolls. she stated that most of them are fair. And she was right out 260 something pullip only a little more than a hand full were of a darker shade. So I'm rather pleased to have her now.

I was very excited to take them home and display them. I put in a pic of the cool tattoo Katoya's doll had hidden under all her clothes. Enjoy.

As Always Happy Hunting

Tuesday Morning shopping again and Dada....... My first full size Byul doll. She is amazing. The fact that it's a steampunk version was a treat I love steampunk. The amount of actual metal used thru out the doll in different areas is so awesome. The umbrella open, the duffel bag unzips, and believe or not she is actual wearing lace panties under all this outfit too cute. The detail in these dolls amaze me every time I buy one.

Another Tuesday Morning find this was an actual treat cause I had never seem them before. Ai ball jointed doll from the same company groove just like the pullips, dals, and byuls dolls. They are a bit over price for my taste $29.99. But considering I probably will not be buying these doll at regular price. I pretty much just get what I can actual put my hands on. The packaging is real nice. They are about 5 1/2 in. The red head is Aster and the blonde is Lemon. They have a very fragile feel to them like the pullip dolls. Not that they are cheap in anyway just not sturdy as other dolls. The detail is just high quality. The amount of work they put into just the clothes is amazing. They have this puddy that you use to insert into their head cavity to align their eyes the way you want which is super cool. 

Wanted to share some more Groove dolls I've bought recently. I know there are some Pullip, Dals, Byuls Collectors out there. I've taken quit a fancy to these dolls. Got my first Pullip today in the mail probably will post the pic later. Haven't even open her up yet just admiring her in the box.

Some awesome new additions to my Pullip collection.

Pullip banshee

Pullip Galene

You got Galene! When I was collecting Pullips I always wanted her. She's gorgeous :)

She is actually my first Pullip. Craziest thing ever she was courtesy of Amazon cause of a problem I had with a seller who was selling dolls. They offered a doll of my choice and I picked her.

My crazy passion started with Lipoca Dal earlier this year so I have more Dals then Pullips and some Byuls. Scoring them the at Tuesday morning every once in a while is nice.

Just a few weeks ago I started to get pullips. I sold a lot of my other toy collections to buy them. I got nine in like a month and half. I haven't been able to stop lol. Do you have a make it your own? I've been tempted to get a kit.

If your interested there is a Galene on ebay for $74.99 +10.00 shipping no bids.

I got the MIO kit and it's really nice, I'm getting my sister in law to do the face up. Can't wait until she's done =D

Cool that is so awesome. Put up a pic when she is done if you can. Would love to see her.

I keep thinking if I do get it and don't have the nerve to do the face up I would maybe look an artist on etsy and have a custom face up. But I would have to see how much that will run me.

I definitely will =) I think they can be kinda pricey, but some of them are so amazing you can see why haha.

For those Pullips lovers out there. Thought I would share Groove's SDCC exclusives. In theme with the whole super hero craze coming around again. Ya!

As Always Happy Hunting.


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