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So the Project MC2 website has now launched -

I decided to start an thread for it. Here are the girls in live-action form (as there will be a series on Netflix soon):

The pictures of the dolls, both the deluxe and basic lines, are on the 'Gear' page. I recommend that you watch the experiment videos - they are really cute and sound like fun.

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I did all the activities the site seems very enjoyable i hope they add more soon. It takes about a hour to compete the activites so far so not too bad.

So according to the listing at Argos:

On the video, it confirms the Netflix series will be premiering on August 7th. I also looked into whether the UK was getting this - as there's been no promotion otherwise - so I asked the UK Netflix twitter account and got no answer. However, I had a very nice and helpful chat with Chelsea from the Netflix help centre, who said that apparently all regions including the UK are getting Project MC2.

Set your calendars for August 7th if you have Netflix, I will be almost certainly binge-watching this series.

I got Camryn and Bryden from Argos on Monday - they are really good quality dolls, and I'm excited to get the other two characters, McKeyla and Adrienne. Also:

Look who has Project MC2 dolls! Smyths doesn't have a category for the line in the Dolls heading, but if you just search Project MC2, the dolls will show up on search results. They have all four deluxe characters, the A.D.I.S.N. journal and a really cool lab kit with a real working microscope. 

I just got the basic Bryden. I love "ethnic" dolls but the eyes on this one fall short for me, they need to be darker. And in MHO:

Hair is a B+, it's actually wavy! But not as soft as it could be

Facial features A-, the eyes.....

Basic body C-, hard plastic, no knee/elbow joints, cheap hollow body

Clothing C, Bryden's clothes are an eyesore, the leggings and shorts don't really fit

Price F-, for $15 you get a cheap doll and brush and no other accessories or stand, should be about $10.....

Yeah, I opted for the deluxe dolls because I preferred the articulation and the outfits.

Bryden's hair is gorgeous on her deluxe doll - all of it is crimped. I love her hair. The body does feel hollow in places and not as strong as I'd like it to be (this is a whole-line thing, I think). 

I have all 4 of these now. I just got them today as a gift. I really like them except for two things. The hair on 2 of them could be a lot better and the articulated bodies are made of some kind of light weight vinyl that feels squishy and hollow. Typical MGA hair QC issues. Nothing new there but the bodies they're just ODD. I have a lot of old Liv bodies and I am very tempted to try a body swap with these dolls. They're adorable in terms of the faces but the bodies are a real let down. They're almost Liv sized in terms of clothing I think except for the feet which are a bit bigger. I've got a lot of Liv clothing so I'm going to try a few things and see what fits. They're kind of like Liv and the Moxie Teenz, but a bit smaller and not nearly as well made. The faces though they're so darned cute I think it's worth it just to get the basic dolls maybe and put them on better bodies...


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