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((First off, yeah long hiatus! I DIDNT DIE! so yay! I had state exams and my birthday. So I've been really busy))
Anyways I have no clue what you names are now so I'm just gonna invite you by who i know you as XD!


So the plot is about Tricia ((who basically gets about as much attention as a white crayon)) Since Tricia has been very socially awkward ever since most of my OCs graduated MS a little less than a year ago. We all know how she used to rule the halls there since she was two years older than everyone else ((due to being held back in the 7th grade twice)) so she's 17 and in her freshman year with most of the others. She is begging to let go of her past ways and is become attracted to others. But no one will date her because the kids in her class are younger than her, the students who are in the grade she's supposed to be in still call her s slacker and she is bi. Tricia likes Dylan, Candice and Prizm. Dylan and Tricia are the same age but Dylan still has a thing for fawna. Candice has a boy friend. Prizm stalks Ella and is three years older. So Tricia is trying to find a mate.

I will be

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((Okay, but no violence at the slightest drop of a twig))



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