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We've all been there, buying various dolls when it comes to the Monster High line but just HOW MUCH have you paid for just 1 doll? The max price I paid was $27.99, highest price tag for me. What about you? How much have you paid for a doll when it comes to a store in person not online.


And for those who have bought the dolls online how much would the high rate be for you? 

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The most I paid for a doll in stores was $21.99 (pre-tax), but that was because I was taking advantage of the buy one get one 50% off at TRU last week and Classroom Lagoona was one I didn't have and she was the most expensive. Besides that one, I say around $18 due to my Target discounts.
Like Triumvirate, the most I've paid is on dolls I got at TRU. I only get dolls there that I haven't been able to find elsewhere at the time. I got DT Lagoona, SO/BTS Lagoona and the Fearleading 3-pack which is only available at TRU so I had to buy it there. I want to say the Fearleading pack was some outrageous price like 50-something dollars. It's a really, really great set and I enjoy it, though so I don't regret the money spent. SO Lagoona was 28 dollars I think but I couldn't find her anywhere else, and the DT Lagoona was 40 some dollars which felt like the biggest expenditure because all I wanted was the doll.
I've paid no more than $37.00 in store and that was for the DotD 3-Pack and the lowet I've paid is $9.99+Tax on each of my Dead Tired dolls. However I paid somewhere around $75.00 for my 2010 SDCC B/W Frankie Stein and that was online.
Ummmmm. In australia basic dolls are $30.00 each, but the most i've paid is $70.00 for lagoona's hydration station.
When I first got into collection I bought extras from Justice and they were $29.99 and at that time, I didn't know that was a high price for them as the only other place I seen them was at TRU and they were a couple dollars cheaper. The highest price doll I got was Spectra for $70. I remember Abbey being around that same price. Crazy huh? I really wanted her though. :P Though my online dolls I get usually average around 19.99 to 40.00 depending. I have even found good deals like at Target for Abbey at 12.99 on sale. I got two. My daughter doesn't know she is getting one for Christmas. :)
In New Zealand, it's $34.99 for a basic and $35.99 for A DOTD.
I live in Spain and I paid 30 euros (a little more than 30 dollars) for Abbey. A week later I saw her on sale for 20 in a different store :(
All my MH dolls I ordered offline. But I got the Draculaura and Clawd 2 pack for my niece for around $40 after tax. I paid $20 for her Spectra. Most expensive I've paid online was $44 for 2 Abbey's after shipping. So $22 each. LEAST I've paid was around $11 for my Killer Style Frankie and same price for the Draculaura. The most I would pay for a single MH doll would be $30. I don't mind waiting until I can find one decently priced. :)
$32 for a dotd cleo at justice a week before dotd dolls came to walmart. =x.x= will never shop at justice again. for that price i can buy online.
Well.. The standard price in my country ( Denmark ) is 38 dollars, so thats what I bought it for. ( I only own one, Frankie BASIC ) From now on, I am gonna get my doll's from the UK ( so there no tax ) since they are 22$ ish over there :)
I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I ordered a SDCC frankie offa' ebay for the intimidating price of $160. The price didn't really sting so bad seeing as I got the money from an extreme bout of good luck on my bf's part. He won 500 bucks on a five dollar scratch off and knew how much it was irking me that I didn't have the complete collection. Spent the rest on rent and a new Xbox.

Highest in store: $30 at Justice for I don't remember what.

Highest online: $48 including shipping for a basic Ghoulia. I has an Amazon gift card so I used it. I payed less for SDCC Ghoulia!


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