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We've all been there, buying various dolls when it comes to the Monster High line but just HOW MUCH have you paid for just 1 doll? The max price I paid was $27.99, highest price tag for me. What about you? How much have you paid for a doll when it comes to a store in person not online.


And for those who have bought the dolls online how much would the high rate be for you? 

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I paid $30 for swim class rochelle , I would've paid $50 because she's awesome and I'm a huge rochelle fan. That's it though the second highest would have to be sweet screams frankie, I have I<3 fashion Scarah but she was bought with a Mattel voucher so meh I am willing to pay $60 at this point for nefera heh

The most I payed was $50 total to Toys 'r' us to get the Heath and Abbey two pack shipped to me.  I don't mind spending a little extra at Toys 'r' Us once in awhile because if it wasn't for Toys 'r' Us there wouldn't be many toy stores left and I have been a customer since I was a kid so I have some loyalty there.

I paid $99 (113 with shipping) for Webarella but in May 2012 I paid $85 bucks for in box wave one Lagoona and $75 for wave one Ghoulia on Ebay. prices for rare out of print dolls don't bother me because it's a normal occurance for anything rare. In store $43 bucks  for Honey and $43 bucks for Twyla at TRU

130$ for SS Gil mint in box
worth it

My most expensive doll so far would be Weberella. I actually didn't pay for her, she was a Valentine's gift from Boyfriend, who dropped around $180 for her. The one that I've spent the most on myself was either Nefera or Torelai, both from eBay, both in the $60-$70 range.

I've spent almost for $75 for 13 Wishes Spectra and I bought 3 versions, so that's around $225 in total. I don't regret a single dime spent on her and I would gladly have paid $500 for that gorgeous doll.

I spent about $40 to get Physical Deaducation Ghoulia NIB, just because I had looked at pictures of Ghoulia after Ghoulia online, and Classroom Ghoulia's face up always seemed to be the one that I loved the most. I also happen to love that twist in her hair and poker-straight ponytail; it's so zazzy! And she comes with two pairs of glasses and an interesting little dress, for a lovely bonus.

Interestingly, although I have no regrets, I don't know if I'd do the same thing ever again. Although I worked my way 'round gradually to splashing out on Phys. Dead Ghoulia and gave it a fair amount of thought, she was still probably one of my first dozen dolls. Now that I've shopped for dolls longer, I've realized that one of the most special moments can be picking *your* doll out of the available ones on the shelf. Two dolls that are the same product won't necessarily give you the same feeling. You can get really attached to a wonk-eyed doll that speaks to you, and you can be oddly detached from a perfect specimen.

(Oh, and speaking of wonk-eye, I take that more seriously now than I did then, too. I don't make all my decisions on a wonk-eye basis, but I try to look out for it. Trying to judge wonk-eye on the basis of ebay photos is no exact science!)

I've bought a few more dolls from those older lines after Ghoulia, but I've never paid as much again. I've learned that I'd rather pay less and get a used doll I can rehabilitate or mod than chance disliking the perfect, NIB specimen.

Through a weird chain of ebay events that cost less than you might think, I recently ended up with three used Classroom Frankies and two used Classroom Lagoonas within the space of a week or so. And they're all actually really different! So I'm choosing the one of each I love best and fixing up the others as OCs/repaints and gifts for my sister. I think it might turn out that making over (too many, maybe way too many) used dolls is just more my style of acquisitiveness than the NIB grail doll model.


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