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PRE-ORDER Ghouls Alive, Scaris City of Frights, Dance Class, Swim

PRE ORDER - Coming in January 2013

Please e-mail me at

I do not need payment until December

I have already placed in order what I have left for sale is here

I have added the dolls for sale on my site the prices included the S/H I will have to pay to have them shipped to me when I order, tax and PP fees.

For some reason I can't get the shipping to came up right so shipping may be more or less then what it says when you place your order

I am be selling them for the cost I would be paying  so I would have to add shipping fees and PP fees to the doll price.

You would get them soon after they are released they would be shipped to me then I would ship them to you as soon as I get them.


I have good feedback on here and on ebay

PRE ORDER - Coming in January 2013

Ghouls Alive -- $35

-Frankie Stein

-Clawdeen Wolf

-Spectra Vondergiest

Scaris City of Frights (Deluxe) -- $30

-Frankie Stein

-Clawdeen Wolf

-Rochelle Goyle

-Skelitas Calaveras (Daughter of A Skeleton)

-Jinafire Long (Daughter of A Dragon)

Scaris City of Frights -- $23


-Deuce Gorgon

-Ghoulia Yelps

-Abbey Bominable

Dance Class -- $23

-Lagoona Blue


-Howleen Wolf

-Robecca Steam

Swim -- $23





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i may be interested in a few if you'd ship without boxes :)

Are there any pictures for the dance class and swim?  I would want ghoulz alive spectra, 1 Jinafire Long,1 rochelle and then I would like a dance class one if I could find what they look like. Also so when is Catrina and Bloodgood coming out? Thanks


I might be interested, I don't see the box assortment out yet online. But I could buy a cases and you buy cases and we could trade etc.  I guess it depends on what the assortment mix is, like how many of each style you get. LMK when you hear more info.


i'd be interested in jinafire, scaris deuce and swim venus (once i see a picture) :)

Would you ship international unboxed? (New Zealand) And when do they become available? I will save up :)

any1 seen the Dance line pics yet? or Scaris Deuce? is this Scaris pics?  Igoogled it ,dunno if it's the real thing

how are you getting them???  EE does not have them listed for sale yet????



I am probably interested in the same dolls everyone else is, sorry.

I like Skelita, Jinafire, Catrina Demew (although I know she is a Walmart exclusive),

maybe the dance class ones if I saw a picture and Arachne (if that's still her name).

I know that is a lot and I know it may be pricey.  Just let me know how that might work

and what I can do :)  that's awesome and I appreciate it or even any info you can give me!


I know I am interested in the Scaris Deuce, Dance Howleen, Scaris Jinafire and (if you get them) the Blob/Ice CAM set.  I may also be interested in the Scaris Clawdeen, if only because I love her outfit.

duece plz!!!

all dolls there

If you can order me Catrina Demew or the the create-a-monster packs I will take them so please let me know!


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