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Just for Clawdeen and Spectra

Wichita Falls Texas



Anywhere else?

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where in dallas did you locate them?

Her Monster Highness said:

Dallas area of TX

Loveland, CO

Found in Atlanta, GA

My mom found them in Ventura, CA.

San Antonio, TX
Found today in Cerritos, CA. Two each of Spectra and Clawdeen left after I got mine.

Found mine on Saturday in the Target on 95th & Pulaski in Oak Lawn, IL. They had to have put three cases out because there were 7 Polterghouls and 1 Wonder Wolf. I took 1 of each leaving 6 Polterghouls. They also had the basic clothing packs for $5.99 and Dance Class Dolls (2 Lagoonas and 1 Howleen)

Which Target?

Caroline said:

San Antonio, TX

Found in Waterford, CT this morning! There were 2 of each doll. I bought one of each, so now only one of each left.

I must say I was not going to get these dolls, but when I saw them in person I could not resist! Really awesome artwork on the backs of the boxes!

Which Target?

Caroline said:

San Antonio, TX

Saw Wonder Wolf in a target in Florida. Broward to be more specific. Also the new CAM is there

Saw both in Augusta Ga


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