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Power Ghouls in box!! Updated now with new in hand photos!!

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Nice! I didnt want to buy these but, ugh sooo tempted now.

But I think it would have been cooler if they came with a comic book instead of another diary...

Spectras is cool Clawdeens is ok - needs a window or something to break up all that brick

Do you suppose the diaries will ultimately be mini comic books?! Like Ghoulia's?

I would say pretty boring too. I like the back ground, and the 3D element and how the dolls are displayed. But I can't believe their boxes are so basic, especially after Scary Tales had a new look and now Ghouls Alive! are so graphic.

That is my guess.

Monster_Mama said:

Do you suppose the diaries will ultimately be mini comic books?! Like Ghoulia's?
Love! These boxes are really cool!

Awesome boxes! Spectra's actually coming THROUGH a wall in hers :)


And don't get let down guys...they're just boxes, and after all they're store exclusives. I think they did an amazing job for something that can be found in one store only and probably ripped apart by most kids and collectors anyway.

I want to add my vote to these being completely amazing... Can't wait! Have any release dates been floated for these yet?

I'm on again-off again with superheroes (half because it's confusing to try and follow the current continuities), but I am loving these packages.  I think both Spectra's and Clawdeen's packages are way exciting and dynamic, especially Clawdeen crashing through the brick wall, and I'd love to see what Toralei's and Frankie's boxes will look like.

Triumvirate said:

I don't really get the outright dismissing of these. I can understand that the superhero theme is not for everyone which is why I even think they are Target exclusives instead of wide release dolls. But still, even if these are not your thing I can't understand why someone can't see how dynamic the doll designs are or how dynamic this packaging is. Maybe I'm biased in the opposite direction because I love superheroes, I don't know, but even when I don't like something I can still appreciate the effort that went into it.


I love superheroes. I'm a huge nerd, but I find the dolls absolutely horrendous. The colors are bad, the costumes are ugly and the packaging is very underwhelming. It's a neat idea, but after seeing the GA packaging, these were a let down. I like the background, but the rest of the box is a little blah.

? Why does Speactra's book say Robecca?

Thanks for posting Bj-Lydia! AND giving a source! I hate gatekeepers to news!


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