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I don't think anybody else has posted something like this, but if not, then I want to ask something.

Whenever I log onto MHD and look at photos, and there are never any new ones, accept the ones from the toy fair. Is anyone else experiencing this? Even when I get on MHD and don't sign in, even on other computers, it's the same thing. Is this just because nobody is posting photos anymore? Or is it something else? I just wanted to know because I haven't seen anything new lately. Previews of new dolls coming soon, photos that everybody posts of their new dolls, and everything like that. I miss seeing all the photos.

Please reply of what you think might be happening, or if this is or not happening to you as well, I'd like to know what's going on.



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My favorite part of the site was the pictures. I miss them :-( It is so unfair it came to this :-(


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