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In case you haven't heard, posting groups is back! With this, there are some rules to consider when sumbitting groups. Groups failing to follow these rules will be auto-declined.

  1. No 'Petition' groups. This means do not make groups that are against moderators, rules, etc. An example of this would be "MEMBERS AGAINST SUSPENDING! Join if you think we should stop getting suspended from chat!!"
  2. No re-posting groups. When you submit a group, it dissapears from your view while I look over it. Please don't panic and try to make the group again. Just wait, and I will look it over. Otherwise, it will be deleted.
  3. No 'hate' groups. They cause disputes in groups. Any group with any 'hate' involved will be turned down, effective the day these rules are written.
  4. Keep the groups clean, please. No hardcore swearing. If a huge problem occurs, feel free to contact me.


Okay, now on to other things that I feel like need to be covered. This section is about reporting and deleting groups.

Deleting YOUR group:

I know the feeling. Sometimes you make a group, and soon after you don't want it around anymore? No worries. I have yet to find how a member can delete a group, so here's what you do if you wish to delete a group.

If you aren't my freind already, shoot me a request. Once you do so, I will accept it. Then send me a PM with the subject line "Group Deletion Application." In the body, link the group and tell me why you want it to be gone. If you give a logical answer, I will delete the group. This is only valid if you're the owner of the group.


Reporting a Group:

If you find a group that you find that breaks the rules, here's what you do. Note that if you abuse this ability, your messages will be deleted. First of all, report the group to Stu, using the 'Report an Issue' button at the bottom of the page. Give him your reason why the group should be gone.

Secondly, send me a PM with a subject line "Group Report Application." You must tell me which rule it breaks, and why you think it should be gone. If I agree, I will delete the group and send you clarification.


Note that I will keep a record of all the group reports/deletion requests send. If I feel you're abusing this ability, the privalige will be taken away.


Just keep these in mind, and have fun in your groups! :D If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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