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This is a thread for Moxie Teenz lovers to post doll pics in the comments!

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I'll start! Akasha is a vampire queen! I just finished modifying/fixing her. I got her online. She looked like this when she arrived

Now she looks like this! 


 This is Arizona. She came without hair so I gave her a long wig.

All of my girls

They are great. I love the vampire!

Thanks! :D

I dug out our moxies.

Man I had forgotten we had so many.

I KNOW for sure a few are mine and a few are husband's, but a couple? I don't know who's they are!

These three are husband's. Leigh and Tristan both have rooted hair. He bought tris for her dress which he decided would look far better on Leigh. He's right, she looks amazing in the red, she looks bleh in gold.

Which means these are probably all mine.

I know for sure that Arizona, Melrose and Bijou are mine, I remember buying them, but I have no recollection of getting first wave tristan, I was certain i didn't own her!

This girl was my second ever Moxie. I bought her on a particularly bad day. The inlaws took pity on me (or maybe were just scared because I was craaaazy) and took husband and I to this weird Argos that was all alone on the top of a really steep hill. I found this girl. I was looking for Tristan, but I bought her anyway because I was in a huff and wanted a dolly to cheer me up.

She's gorgeous.

I'm glad I got her.

Arizona was actually my first. I HATED her pink skirt, it was nicely made but it was so.. little girly to me.

Her wig was okay but liked to fall off and looked tangled really easily. When MGA released official wig packs of course the uk didn't get them, but a US friend posted me the fro wig I wanted.

It's been in storage a while so it needs some restyling to hide the wig cap.

Her clothing is a random assortment of anything I could find. The pants and her shirt are I think both TY girlz and the jacket? not a clue. I found it, it was big, i thought it'd fit. It looks vintage. I think her shoes are leigh's hahaha.

This is Bijou. We found her in TK Maxx. They actually had 2, i bought both and sold the other one to a very happy collector.

I remember being really annoyed because husband bought her for me as a "gift" that day, and then proceeded to steal her damn clothes! I was like "uh.. excuse you?"

But as it turns out, I actually like this look on her better.

I think the top is from a WITCH doll, they're strangely ginormous. I stole it from husband's doll in revenge hahahaha.

Her wig is pretty wretched. it's flat and thin and the bangs are totally wrong and just don't work at all. Thankfully she has a hat to cover this.

and beautiful Leigh. Husband was all "I NEED HER!" lol.

fun with wigs! haha.

Melrose's default wig is so much better made than poor Bijou's, though Bijou's is also too big.. for everyone. wtf mga? The hat helps keep it on.

Bijou rocks the afro wig, but her default wig does nothing for Arizona. Notice how similar their skin tones are? Bijou isn't actually that much darker than Arizona.

Zynfi, one of my BJDs stole Bijou's hat ages ago, so it felt appropriate to borrow her wig for a moment for a moxie teen lol. I kinda forgot that Zynfi has a huge head and this wig is actually a size 6, not a 5 like the moxies take. Oops.

It was too big but the hat helped keep it on and it looked pretty. It's a wonderful colour.

So I had a think, I only have 2 actual size 5 bjd wigs. one on my other smaller bjd Lidara, who has a headband on which i couldn't be bothered removing to get the wig off (it's a pain to restyle) and Ronan, one of my custom monster high dolls who's wig is way too big for him because I misjudged wig size all those years ago. lol. One day i'll get him a wig that fits.

in the meantime, wow Melrose is STUNNING with short hair. I really love this look on her.

She may be getting this wig... once I find a replacement one for Ronan haahah.

I also found some fur Monster High wigs (made for mh dolls by people on etsy)

I wasn't sure they'd fit but yep, they do.

Same fur wig on Tristan, but with a hat over the top so it looks a bit less troll like. I kinda like her like this, I think it's very "her"

So basically what I learned from this is that fur wigs made for monster high fit and size 5 (or 5-6) wigs fit beautifully. 6, or 6-7 as they usually are are way too big but you might be able to wrangle it with a hat.

It was cool to get my dolls out again and have a play. it's been a while.

I love your dolls! The short hair is pretty! You are so lucky that you have a Leigh doll!

Oh purple M, my God! lol What a collection! I'll post some of my dolls later unfortunately with the disgusting quality of my crappy phone!

So here are some of my dolls.

I will start with the doll who started everything, my first Moxie Teenz. I found her in a car boot sale at the beginning of June this year. She had no clothes and no wig and cost me...50 pence!! I was not sure who she was. She turned out to be Melrose, The Beauty as I call her!

I fell in love with her, of course and bought a few from Ebay since. Bad!

First wave Melrose, this time with clothes and wig. Melrose is absolutely gorgeous.

Gorgeous Tristen wave 2

With glasses! lol

Melrose Wave 2. So beautiful.

And my beautiful Blue Feet

She is dressed with clothes and a wig from Purple M (Thank you. she is delighted!) This doll was in bad condition when I bought her. She turned out to be a beauty. I love Arizona's bluish green eyes colour.

I have found another Melrose wave 2 in a car boot sale and Prom Melrose is on her way (from Ebay. Oh no!)

I would love to find Bijou and Leigh one day. Who knows!

And here I am, totally enamoured with the Moxie Teenz! lol ;-)


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