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Post the funniest doll auction pics / general doll pics that you find!


Feel free to post the funniest doll auction pics, and / or general doll pics that you find, but please do not endorse or condemn any auctions, nor any sellers.

I'll start....

Poor Hercules looks like he's saying, "Oh, Gods!" I mean, there he is, fully clothed, and Meg is pulling the ULTIMATE temptation, and they're STUCK together....FOREVER??? LOL! At least she isn't TOUCHING him, TOO. ;)

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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lol what happened to the clothes?!

Hello, not a cat,

All joking aside, I suspect that the seller wanted them for another doll, and that they're just not admitting that they're the one who took them. As long as they're honest about the dolls themselves, they don't have to admit whether or not they took Meg's clothes.

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

My favourite was a picture of a trash bag that may or may not contain a Sindy doll house.

I laughed and laughed.


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