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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

If you would rather post on my old discussion, click here

Leave your sightings below!

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OMG! You are so lucky! I don't think I will find her in any TK Maxx near where I live. London TK Maxx are not great for Toys. I will find her one day...second hand! LOL

I have bought 2 more Project MC2 on Ebay second hand so I am quite pleased to have put my hand on a few before they follow the same fate as the Moxie Teenz! Rare and expensive... but with not so good plastic... (and not so devastatingly beautiful, luckily for me. It will save me the inconvenience of becoming totally obsessed!) LOL

Don't give up now! They've only just started coming in - I wouldn't be surprised if more TK Maxx stores started to get them in. 

And I totally see what you mean about the Moxie Teenz...very, very hard to find for a good price. 

Thank you!

I hope that you are right. It would be great.

I am severely obsessed with the Moxie Teenz! I love them. It is as bad as my Ghoulia and Spectra dolls obsession was. I need to find a cure!


You are very lucky, Breanna, because that wave disappeared from my local stores a long time ago, and I haven't seen it in TJ Maxx, either.

I'd love to have the purple-haired McKeyla, though, as she has a very unique look about her!  :)

<Disappears into a shadow>

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

TK Maxx near where I live had new stock. They had tons of Disney Princesses, TONS... Superstars wrestler dolls, baby dolls, budget Barbies. No Purple haired McKeyla! Damn! LOL  No Project MC2 at all. I know I will never find her in TK Maxx near where I live... I have found Lottie a few months ago a bit outside London where I go to car boot sales. I have never seen her near where I live. And there was hardly any Bratz dolls too, only Hello my name is jade. The nearer to London the crappier the TK Maxx! They ship all the crap toys to London! LOL

Another TK Maxx sighting! WWE Superstars dolls, the slim-box ones. I've wanted the Becky Lynch doll for a while and I was never able to find her until recently - I found her at TK Maxx for £9.99. They also had Bayley. 


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