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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

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I believe the most expensive product there was the collector's Leia. I didn't get a look at how much Chewie was but I'm assuming somewhere under £10. 

I didn't see Padme or Ahsoka but I didn't really look very hard.

Well I know what i'm doing next week <_/body>


Tesco have got the new Fashionistas in! I got the really dark skinned "rainbow bright" one in store. They had a bunch including the one with the shaved hair and pink bun on top lol.

Claires, as in Claires accessories have Hairdorables in for £20 BUT they currently have BOGOF on them, so they're a tenner each basically, plus an extra 20% off if you order online and are a new customer

Remember the Barbie musician doll and playset? I got her from TK Maxx for £9.99 - it's the African-American one and she's articulated. 


More Poundland sightings! 

My endless fb posts about Monster High caused a friend of mine to become interested and she's now madly searching for some to add to her new collection! I sent her to Poundland in hopes she'd get herself a Catty and Nefera...but she ended up finding Rochelle Freak Du Chic with the playset! 

There was a sticker on the box that said £15 but when scanned at checkout she was £5! 

I'm really hoping I'll find her at my local too...if I don't, hopefully I'll find someone who can pick one up for me from somewhere. £5 for it is a bargain I think! And I missed out on the freak du chic dolls.

awesome! they had those sets like.. 2 years ago. They must be clearing their stockrooms and finding all sort sof stuff hahah.

I'll keep an eye out.

in the meantime, I got a hold of the new Polly Pockets

Warning, swearing.

But yes, it's nice to have affordable toys back on the market.


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