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Smyths has £5 off if you spend £20 on some brands, including MLP (yes it includes the new Equestria girls) so that means 2 equestria girls would cost you about £23, so 11:50sh each, which isn't bad.

WWE is also in this deal, so you can get some wrestling superstar girls (they're £14:99 anyway)

The other brands are things like nerf, transformers, play dough so not that useful.

All Hasbro brands I'm assuming?

I got Rainbow Dash the other day as well...darn, if I'd have waited for the offer I could have grabbed Twilight too.

Smyths also has listings for the new Incredibles 2 dolls. They have Violet, Elastigirl and Edna and they're £14.99 each. Due in June. 

yes but sadly the equestria girls are in store only where as the deal also applies online, and I can't to a store right now and there's nothing else I want, such a shame as I only needed 3. 

I hope they get the incredibles girls in, so exciting and good price too, I'm notcing a lot of dolls coming out at this price again, it's good to see.


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